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Player WITH Player gameplay - the reason that the Hutton Truckers were created in the first place.

Too many games concentrate on who the game is against - Player V Environment, Player V Player. All our missions are designed to be co-operative and inclusive of all play styles and all game modes.

Our convoys can be played in Solo, in a private group (like Mobius) or in Open - just listen in on the radio, jump into teamspeak and play along.

Some missions are for explorers, others for truckers. Some are for those that like the background simulation and faction management. We've had CQC, we've had player against player combat, we've had pirates join in with ambushes..... all for the fun.

So - why PwP?

- You can load large ships up with rares using your wingmates - using limpets and the max allowance
- You can anchor one end of a trading run using wing beacons - and share the money using vouchers
- You can play Hungry Hippos with mining ships
- Share bounties in RES sites
- Explore the galaxy together and scan systems as a team
- Have someone to keep you company on the LONG run to Hutton

How does PwP work if I play in Solo?

Using timed events - you can join in in Solo, but in voice comms at or on Discord. Play along with other people, but in your own bubble. Listen to the radio, watch the live streams....
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