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***Lets keep this short***

[1] In systems where New Republic has a presence:
          A. Pilots will not run missions for any other faction besides New Republic.
          B. Pilots will only turn in Bounty Vouchers, Combat Bonds or Exploration Data to stations controlled by New Republic. If Interstellar Factors is required, visit HQ: Reightler Dock, Draguan Nu.

[2] In systems where New Republic has NO presence:

          A. Pilots may run missions, turn in vouchers/data for or wherever they want.
          B. Pilots should refer to our squadrons "Faction Blacklist" regularly as the factions mentioned within are temporarily/permanently off limits in regard to positive BGS support from New Republic.

[3] Discriminatory behavior towards fellow squadron members or squadron allies will not be tolerated. You don't have to be nice. Just don't be a dick.
     Reports of discriminatory treatment concerning role play/banter environments will be investigated, though pilots are advised to first consider the environment with which they are interacting.

[4] Unless you are buying/fitting a ship, purchasing commodities or just passing through, STAY OUT OF SHANA BEI. This system is controlled by one of our allies (Evangelines Angels) and is off limits to all forms of BGS.
     This cannot be stressed enough. Breaking this rule will get you one warning only. After that, we bid you farewell. Not to mention, Evangelines Angels may choose to chase you across the known galaxy. Good luck.
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