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***This document can also be viewed under Private Discussions "The Rules" where members can voice questions/concerns***

Conduct expected of all wing members is as follows:



1. Wing members will not take any action that directly or indirectly results in a negative impact to New Republic.
 Primarily this means don't accept missions that require hostile action against New Republic, it's allies or it's interests.
 However, when wing members have a friend who is not affiliated with New Republic and said friend needs help completing a mission that falls into the above catagory...well...we are here to help. Even if it hurts.

In star systems where New Republic maintains a presence:

1. Wing members will accept missions from no factions other than New Republic. Missions posted by Wing Command may occasionally circumvent this rule. If you're unsure, PM a member of Command.
 Also be mindful of taking cargo/data delivery missions into Draguan Nu. Be sure that the target faction at the drop site is New Republic and no one else.

2. Wing members will not wing up with other players (friends or otherwise) running a mission for any faction other than New Republic.

3. Wing members will not sell commodities/cartographics or turn in bounty vouchers/combat bonds at any station where New Republic is not the controlling faction.
 Apparently using IF to turn in vouchers/bonds does have an effect on the interested factions influence. As a result of that, Command recommends avoiding the use of kill warrant scanners when
 hunting in or near Draguan Nu as you are highly likely to end up with a pocket full of bounty vouchers that will damage New Republics standings if turned in.


1. Wing members will not deliberately open fire on their fellow wing members or any allies of New Republic even if the pilot in question appears as a valid legal target in-game.
 One exception to this is organized combat between New Republic members/allies where all pilots involved have consented to being shot at and will refrain from whining if they explode.
 The other exception is accidental/friendly fire. It happens. Try to be an adult about it.
 All outsiders are fair game. Illegal kills are discouraged but not outright forbidden. New Republic understands that sometimes the other guy just had it coming.

2. Griefing of any player (wing member or otherwise) will not be tolerated.
 Griefing can be defined as a player or group of players singling out another and engaging in repeated illegal actions against said player for the purpose of creating an unavoidable, overly hostile gaming environment.
 Reports of New Republic wing members behaving in this way will be taken seriously and will be investigated promptly.


1. Many people are of the belief that respect is not given, it's earned. The same can be said of dis-respect.
 New Republic does not require its members be friendly or even polite.
 That being said... excessive rude, anti-social or outright hostile comments or behaviors will get you kicked.

2. Swearing/Cursing/Foul language used by wing members should be kept to a minimum and should stop immediately upon request by any wing member that finds this language offensive.
 Members should be mindful of the setting as Inara and Frontier have their own policies concerning rude language that supersede New Republic in each of their respective settings.

3. Racial/ethnic, religious, sexist/gender bias diminutive comments, slurs or jokes have no place here. This is the only warning you will get. Keep it to yourself or you will be kicked. No second chances.
 Also debates between wing members concerning any of these subjects are not advised and will not be carried out in any public setting. Private conversations only.

***All wing members are welcome to comment with questions, suggestions or concerns regarding this text. Command will respond as soon as possible***
***Reports of infractions should be sent via private message to any member of command. Please do not report infractions within this thread or any other public/private threads***
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