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Successful campaigns of the 8th Dragon Squadron:

- Eta Draconis, contracted by the EDGVC (PF Alliance)
- Gliese 900.1, contracted by the Emperor's Dawn (Empire)
- Lushertha, contracted by Lushertha Silver Industries (Federation)
- Caerus, contracted by the Freedom Party of Caerus (Independant)
- Alignak,  contracted by the EDGVC (PF Alliance)
- Patocuda, 8th Dragon Home system and base of operations
- Kolabinate, 8th Dragon Squadron expansion
- Bedaho, contracted by Raven's Scouts (PF Independant)
- Skardree , contracted by The Black Fleet (PF Empire)
- Akandinigua, contracted by Raven's Scouts (PF Independant)
- Asoorajara,  8th Dragon Squadron expansion
- Jardovici, contracted by The Guardians of tranquility (PF Independant)
- 49 Arietis, contracted by Militia For Independant Research (PF Independant)

Current campaign(s):
- Hecate / Terra Mater, contracted by Brotherhood of Terra Mater (Independant)
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