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3: Joining Guidelines

You are exactly three steps away from becoming a Child of Raxxla

The Children of Raxxla (CoR) are a group of Commanders setting out to solve the mysteries and myths of the Galaxy and to thwart the efforts of those who would withhold information and manipulate the facts for their own gain and agenda. The Children often operate alone or in small ‘cells’ where they follow their own individual goals but they are ultimately sworn to this common goal.
In times of uncertainty and strife, we become a covenant unhampered by allegiance and distance.
With this being the case, becoming a Child of Raxxla is very different from enlisting in the armed forces or joining the forces of the various Powers. It is a process that begins with making oneself known, continues with proving oneself and one’s skill and abilities and ends with… well, no one knows. Maybe it never ends.

Who we look for
CoR is looking for players on all platforms who are enthusiastic and interested in the lore and back-story of the Elite universe. They should be willing to team up and engage in various modes of play with the goal of solving the mysteries and riddles laid out before us and to protect humanity from itself and the machinations of shadowy organisations.
The following is a guide for our recruitment principles. It is in no way hammered in stone but should give good counsel when judging applicants and their efforts to join. Nor is it intended to substitute common sense and the occasional gut feeling with a strict adherence to the guidelines.

Application Prerequisites

Formal criteria
You will need to have an accepted application via the application form below in order to apply. If you would like to get in contact with us prior to applying for membership, feel free to contact a member of the Consul via DM on this site.

When you make an application to CoR you are expected to provide us with information about yourself, including Cmdr name, personal age, gaming platform, play style and further contact details, if you want to.
You will also need to state that for the duration of your membership in CoR you will adhere to the Frontier TOS and EULA and only conduct aggressive actions against other players (PvP) in Consul sanctioned operations.

You are invited to augment your application with a text about your motives, goals in the game and prior endeavors. This can be in prose or roleplay. It should provide additional information and background on the ‘real’ person and the Cmdr who wants to join CoR. Likewise, you are welcome to give additional links to fan content you have created to flesh out your story even further. However, it’s not mandatory to write a full letter of intent or to prove your expertise in various aspects of the game.

You are welcome to come from any background and play style, although some styles are more suited for accomplishing CoR’s goals than others. Ideally you will have a background in a scientific or exploration related group with a number of contacts still active. Combat experience is good to have as CoR pilots can find themselves in dire straits from time to time.

Lore Affinity
It is not mandatory for you to have read any Elite novels but it certainly helps. There is a wealth of information to be gained from the novel that correlates with past or contemporary events in the game. We encourage everyone joining our ranks to read them. What’s also helpful is having read any science fiction or criminal novels or having a fan background in sci-fi in general. You should demonstrate you understand the basic principles of the game universe and the situation it is currently in without having to prove you have already solved any puzzles or having been to special locations.

Special Interests
Again, none are mandatory. There are a number of areas of interest that become important every once in a while, including (ancient) history, astrology, astronomy, graphic and/or video design, encryption methods and mass communication. If you are versed in one or more, that’s fine and considered a bonus.

Accepting or rejecting an application
Please give us some time to process your application thoroughly. You will be notified accordingly in terms of an answer via Direct Message

It is NOT a prerequisite to remain a part of this Inara Squadron - we accept that you may have other interests and affiliates. We do request that you join the squadron for the duration of your membership application. Our communication is conducted via Discord - you will be given a link if your application here is successful.

Next steps:

1: Request to join the Squadron
2: Submit your application form HERE - make sure you explain how you meet our criteria. Role Play preferred.
3: Wait until we make our decision - you will be notified in either case
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