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2: Derivation from the Principles


The Children of Raxxla is a voluntary organization aiming to unveil the mysteries of the galaxy, to liberate all human beings from those who would bind them, and to promote peaceful coexistence with all alien species inhabiting this galaxy.
The Children recognize as their heart and soul, Salomé, née Kahina Tijani Loren, who will never be gone from us.
The Children recognize as their mind, the Consul.
The Children recognize as their voice, the Scribes.
The Children recognize as their right hand, the Sword.
The Children recognize as their left hand, the Shield and the Shadow.
The Children are composed of pilots from every planet and political faction in human-occupied space.


The Children have strong doubts about the legitimacy and intentions of most current major political organizations. They denounce as unfit, corrupt, duplicitous, and warmongering all existing governments.
Recognizing the pervasive hold governments currently maintain over the human species, and the ubiquitous dependence of human beings upon their governments, we do not advocate the sudden or the violent overthrow of political power, but rather the shepherding of humanity into a future of liberty and self-realization.
The Children deny the right over governments to monopolistic control of any resources, product, service, capacity, or information. The Children seek to emancipate each from monopolistic control.
The Children recognize the inherent dignity and rights of all sentient life. This dignity and these rights may not be infringed by anyone.
The Children recognize the legitimacy of violence only as a defense against violence. They will deploy violence only where it is required as a response to violence.
The Children recognize that humanity must be unified in its commitment to truth, freedom, and cooperation, and therefore aims to foster these
From a roleplay perspective, CoR membership requires the renunciation of all prior and future political allegiance.
From a gameplay perspective members are free to be affiliated with Power Play factions in order to gain access to sought after PP specific 'perks'.

(Non-human sentient races)

The Children recognize the existence of non-human sentient species throughout the galaxy.
The Children seek peaceful existence and co-operation with all sentient alien species.
The Children recognize the same dignity and rights on behalf of all sentient life, and will act to resist anyone who would violate these.

Principles Derived from #1:

The galaxy is full of galactic, scientific, political, and anthropological mysteries.
News media and governments hide these mysteries.
CoR is centrally concerned with unveiling these mysteries for all galactic citizens.
CoR distrusts every political power.
Every major power has a history of deception and warmongering.
The incentives of the major powers divert from the incentives of their citizens.
We harbor no ill-will to the political powers.
The galaxy is not ideal - not everyone is reasonable and just.
Being an unjust galaxy, CoR must employ care, strategy, and cunning in the communication of sensitive information lest the powerful use this information to harm the weak.
CoR looked to the experience, leadership, and insights of the late Salomé for guidance and direction.

Principles Derived from #2:

CoR is to be a team capable of covert operations hidden from the factions and powers of the galaxy.
CoR aims to discover hidden secrets.
CoR’s membership will be limited, and comes with the requirement that its lore, stories, and history be known.
CoR only accepts the measured, the wise, and the competent.

Principles Derived from #3:

CoR is composed of wise, learned pilots, many with combat experience.
The Federation, Empire, and Alliance have lied and obfuscated.
CoR intends to solve the mysteries of the universe, to end secrecy and conspiracy.
Humanity is not alone.
Humanity must be unified and ready to act as one.
Our governments are unfit to rule us, weak and corrupt. It is time for them to pass.
CoR will transcend powers and governments.
We seek peaceful co-operation with alien life.
We are a beacon of civilization in the darkness.

Principles Derived from #4:

Raxxla is one of the mysteries we seek to unveil. It has eluded us for 500 years. It was first mentioned in Federation data banks on Earth in 2814.
We will uncover the truths concealed by powers seen and unseen.
We are to be the vanguard in the search for truth.
We will keep pushing the veil of the galaxy aside.
“I have loved the stars too dearly, to be fearful of the night.”
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