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The very first recorded broadcast of a signal containing Radio Sidewinder idents was on 8th January 3301.  However, there are rumours of sporadic broadcasts before this date.  The first broadcasts were a mixture of music, news and adverts. There are numerous reports that these early broadcasts contained fake news items that often included reports of huge quantities of cargo floating in space, or about traders offering very low prices on goods. These news reports lured many unsuspecting commanders to remote locations.  When they arrived they were interdicted and had their cargo stolen.  There are no reports of Commanders’ ships being destroyed.

These original broadcasts were often signed with the name Cmdr Black-Bart.

A month after the initial broadcast other names started to be heard within the signal. Cmdr Meris Enchindar, Cmdr Arbitration, Cmdr Cold Glider and Cmdr Neuroplay all had regular slots within the schedule.

This rag-tag group of broadcasters became known as the “Radio Sidewinder Crew” amongst the listeners and fans.

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