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The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps was founded on 12 December 3300, when CMDR KNac made a Call to Arms for Alliance commanders.  AEDC quickly established itself as one of the premier background sim manipulators (officially Top 5 in April 3302).  Its ranks contributed insightful posts to all of the background sim experiment threads on the FD forums, and through trial and error enjoyed a lot of success.

Today we continue that work with three factions of our own.  One of which is officially recognised by FD and expanded to its 10th system in February 3302.  The other two factions are shadowy organisations on an expedition around the galaxy.

In the early days of Powerplay, AEDC was instrumental in pushing Prime Minister Mahon in to many high value systems.  The wealthy economy he now enjoys was underpinned by our work in the first 10 weeks of Powerplay's existence.  Since then we've taken a back seat and enjoyed watching the Alliance Office of Statistics continue his outstanding success.  We contributed our BGS expertise to the cause too, reducing a significant number of fortification triggers before returning to our core projects.

In April 3302 FD announced their first "Rise to Power" event for the leading player factions to compete to become the first player power.  AEDC was named as a Top 5 player faction and accepted FD's invitation to take part in the first "Dangerous Games".

Prior to Powerplay (yes there was such a time), we focused our efforts on a small region between Alioth and Lave.  Here we practiced turning the galaxy green.  In one month we flipped over 50 systems to Alliance factions.  Our record for systems flipped in a single day stands at 4, a day we call Green Day, March 17th.  The significance of that date and the colour is not lost on us - a happy coincidence.

Things haven't all gone our way with the BGS.  February 9th is another special day for AEDC.  It marks the end of a two month period of beating our heads against the wall trying to capture a station in a particularly stubborn star system.  Who said the BGS is easy.

Another difficult period came in April 3301 when a pirate group tried to remove Alliance interests from the Old Worlds.  For most of April we were forced to wait as the BGS state-blocked us from reversing their work.  We eventually liberated Reorte on April 24th, a day we call Liberation Day (or less officially: Kill-a-Pirate day).  That success earned us a heralded mention in Galnet - the limelight we usually shun.

More often than not AEDC prevails.  We successfully hosted and completed two community goals in our first year.  The first won our official faction a contract with Lakon, to build the Diamondback in the refurbished shipyards of our headquarters.  There's a 20% discount available there for anyone who wants that particular ship.  We commemorate the day the deal was signed with our Pure Water Day celebration.  The second community goal we organised had an ulterior motive; unfortunately FD later decided our requested prize wasn't such a good idea afterall, it was quietly dropped. The CG began with a target that looked entirely impossible to achieve. Our knowledge of BGS manipulation however, allowed us to change the playing field to our advantage and win at the 11th hour.

Our success continues in to a new year though. Currently three major operations are underway, plus an exploration project and an ambitious Alliance expansion project too.  3302 looks set to be an exciting year.

The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps is has been around since before official game launch.  We already have an illustrious history and an ambitious future ahead of us.  We'd love for you to be a part of it.
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