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Faction Diplomacy Policy

EDA Kunti League Diplomacy Policy
RULE 1:   EDA Kunti League and allied members will play the game as it is designed, will not break the Galactic Conventions rules by using exploits, nor engage in Griefing or Ganking activities.

RULE 2:   EDA Kunti League and allied members will not engage in operations that will undermine another active player factions Headquarters (HQ) or home system, unless provoked. Opposing Factions must be contactable and an attempt must be made by our Ambassador in the first instance, prior to action. Aggression, breaking RULE 1 or lack of verbal response by the opposing faction voids this policy.

RULE 3:   EDA Kunti League will maintain control of our borders. This will be either direct control or through mutually agreed co-existence with our Allies.

RULE 4:   EDA Kunti League will maintain independence, our members will not single out and victimise an opponent based on their allegiance or Powerplay choice.
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