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FRC 3301/3302 Historical Archive


It is believed that the FRC was founded in May of 3301; however, an exact founding date is currently lost to the depths of space. In that first year, battles and wars were fought with the Empire, pacts made between powers. Many stories were written, and most now appear lost to history. Our lore keepers are in the process of trying to recover this data and will add it here if it is retrieved.



As the New Year kicked off, the Empire had launched an offensive against Hudson, sending multiple systems into turmoil. The cry of the FRC Battle Cattle was heard and CMDRs heroically staved off a concerted effort at forcing the loss of control systems. The FRC quickly followed up with Expansions into Frey and Lalande 37120, and a weekly and steady assault of their own on Imperial systems. By the end of January, Hudson finished the month taking the first spot among all the powers, albeit short-lived, as they took Muncheim as a control system, bringing the total systems under Hudson control to 75.  

As the month came to a close, President Hudson issued a galaxy wide call for CMDRs to begin a search for Starship One, the flagship of former President Halsey that disappeared one year prior. CMDRs from across the Federation and the FRC responded in droves, delivering debris from systems across the bubble to Azaleach for analysis.


February screamed in with a strong start, with FRC CMDRs helping to bring Dongkum, Katuri, and Detta into the Hudson sphere. While the latter 2 were CC drains on the Hudson economy, overall, strategically, they help limit enemies from expanding into bubbles while also limiting CC that nefarious CMDRs operating under 5c directives could use against the President.

The FRC then turned their might against ALD, launching Operation Carpakalypse to claim the Carpaka system and Operation Grapes of Wrath to gain LPM 229. Both were weaponized expansions against ALD. The battles waged long and bloody, resulting in many ships lost on both sides. The Imperials responded by turmoiling Hudson, resulting in the loss of our expansion attempts into Carpaka and LPM 229, but this was not the last action that would be seen in these systems. While the Battle Cattle once again mobilized to bring Hudson out of turmoil safely, the combat pilots struck deep and hard into the Empire, turmoiling ALD to force them to lose their own expansions as well. Concurrently, another offensive expansion, Operation Maleficence was launched into Concantae, with strong opposition from the Empire seen again, this time resulting in the Empire expelling Hudson forces from the system.  

At the same time, news from the Federation came out that the remains of Starship One were located; however, there was no sign of the former President amongst the wreckage.  Investigators concluded that the loss of the ship was due to a mechanical failure and no foul play was suspected.

The Earth Defense Fleet, a private group that tasked themselves with the defense of Sol and surrounding systems announced a community goal to expand their home port and to stock virtually all ships and modules. This would provide a fully stocked shipyard and outfitting center for Federation pilots in the heart of the Hudson bubble. The operation was a resounding success even with repeated pirate attacks and Empire CMDRs trying to disrupt the traders bringing in supplies.

The FRC decided to finish off the month with a four pronged offensive expansion operation, prepping Adan, Concantae, LPM 229, and Carpaka! Operation Four Horseman (of the Carpakalypse) was off to a strong start.

The President also announced that the investigation into Starship One, that was lost in the Lyncis Sector, showed that there was a potential for survivors, and a call was placed with extreme urgency for all CMDRs to search for, recover, and bring back occupied escape pods. The goal number of escape pods set for the search was reached in almost record time. The process for securing and identifying the occupants of the pods was just beginning.

The month rolled to a close, FRC and Hudson CMDRs flooded into the 4 systems prepped during the prior week.


As combat raged, the Battle Cattle stormed in again, 'fortifying all the things' and securing Hudson from turmoil. This ensured that any combat victories in Operation Black Friday: Door Buster couldn't be undone with another unexpected turmoil. The Pilots Federation also finally announced it would be addressing a major weakness in Hudson’s control of LHS 3447. This vital system, where many CMDRs get their start, was very difficult to fortify due to a lack of nearby large docking pads. A call was placed community wide to haul supplies to begin the construction of a Coriolis starport very near the jump-in point.

The Federation was then rocked by a major announcement, former President Halsey had been found in one of the escape pods recovered in February. She was alive, but in poor health and was unable to provide any details on the events surrounding the loss of Starship One until her health improved. Shortly after speaking with President Hudson, she was placed in a medically induced coma to speed her healing and the President announced that moving forward, that the fleet of ships operating as Starship One would consist of Farragut battlecruisers and a goal was established to assist in the construction of a pair for Presidential use. In addition, another stir came when a Galnet report cited anonymous politicians calling for the reinstatement of Halsey as President.

As the battles in the 4 expansions came to a close, a massive push for control of Adan was announced, with the Empire responding in kind and diverting significant resourced in opposition. As the expansion into Adan failed after a massive Imperial response, the dust cleared and Concantae, LPM 229, and Carpaka lay within Hudson control. Adan was a feint, and the Empire let the Federations main targets fall easily within Hudson's control. A record-breaking 1,000,000+ combat merits were earned in across the 4 expansions, showing the true might of the FRC combat armada.   The Carpakalypse was complete, throwing the ALD CC economy into disarray.

Due to 5c operatives then began pushing damaging systems; FRC entered a controlled turmoil, losing the unwanted expansions, and shedding Bandjigali & Lalande 37120 from Hudson Control, and saving AF Leporis, Li Jungu, and Korovii. As March drew to a close, the FRC were prepping 7 systems for the following week’s expansion attempts, Adan, Opet, Annwn, and Ch'iang Fei as weaponized again, with 5c expansions in Okinura, Delta Pavonis, and Gitse.


As April opened up, it was clear the Empire was not thrilled with the offensive expansions into ALD space. FRC CMDRs woke up with Hudson in turmoil and news that Admiral Patreus launched 2 weaponized expansions of his own against Hudson. This was clearly in an effort to draw combat ability away from the Hudson expansions into ALD space. Unfortunately, records from this time period are incomplete, and no record of which control systems were set to be lost or that were lost is available.

The second cycle of April rolled around and CMDRs all around the galaxy woke up to chaos and confusion. Hudson remained in turmoil, having lost the systems that had been in turmoil the week prior. There were no prep wars vs. the 5c, and no expansions to handle. However, that was not the only news. The breaking headline was that Mahon was in Turmoil. The stalwart #1 in the rankings, the quiet northerly Prime Minister, had his systems in full out revolt. A staggering 52 systems were UM'd, a -5,899cc balance. The FRC and the FLC (Federal Liberal Command, the FRC's equivalent at Winters) took credit for the attack, stating it was in response to alleged Alliance aggression into regions of space that were previously discussed as off-limits. Accusations also flew from both sides of illegal 5c activity. The Alliance denied all allegations, but the Federation CMDRs stayed by their assertions and continued their attack on Mahon's control systems. Even with a relentless push, the Alliance was able to utilize it massive hauling capabilities and CMDRs credit balances to fortify out of turmoil, but that wouldn't be enough.

While the battled waged, Former President Halsey also had her first press conference since recovering from her ordeal. She was quickly whisked from the room by security personnel when she started talking about seeing the whole universe, talking about 'caretakers' of the galaxy, and sharing some kind of message from them with everyone. Those cryptic last statements before she was quickly rushed away sent many ripples through the inhabited systems, giving rise to countless conspiracy theories. It was clear this was only the beginning of a much larger story yet to come.

As the chaos faded, even with Mahon's CMDRs valiant hauling, 12 systems were lost by the Alliance. At the same time, Hudson had come out of their Turmoil and the FRC turned their planning toward taking those liberated systems and bringing them under Federation control. The Battle for Contien had now begun. Torval and Patreus both launched weaponized expansions against Hudson, taking full advantage of the now dual campaigns the Federation was no embroiled in to try and damage Hudson's CC economy.

However, Galnet wasn't about to let the galaxy settle down into the usual conflict over systems. In the middle of the month, a story was published, quoting a Federal politician that had come forward to state that the Empire was behind the destruction of Starship One. It was believed to be an assassination attempt, made to look like an accident, in order to destabilize the Federation. Unfortunately with no proof other than an anonymous source, it seemed that this story would not go beyond simply increasing tensions between the Empire and Federation systems and pilots.

In the waning weeks of April, The battle for Contien faltered, with the Alliance's hauling capacity just barely surpassing the FRC. The Alliance also responded to the earlier Federation assault by launching 3 weaponized expansions, including one at Beta Hydri. As the location of the Federation shipyards, in the heart of Federation space, Beta Hydri became a battleground flooded by FRC and non-FRC Federation CMDRs alike. The result was an outstanding victory in Beta Hydri, keeping it out of Alliance hands.  The FRC also denied the Alliance's expansion into Kaukai; however, lost the attempt to keep them out of Gendalla, a short 16.55ly's from Sol. The FRC then initiated its own expansion plans, preparing 26 Ophiuchi and Orishvati to be taken under Hudson control.

As the month came to a close, it was obvious that this conflict with the Alliance would come down to a series of weaponized system expansions.


May rolled in with the might of the Federation on full display. Hudson now controlled Orishvati and 26 Ophiuchi, while at the same time, denying Alliance expansion into 3 offensive expansion systems. Not only that, ALD was in Turmoil at the hands of FRC and FLC CMDRs. It was around this time that multiple minor factions from across the bubble began to compete to try and ascend to a power level equal to the top 10 factions in the galaxy. The FRC throwing its support behind a group called the Adle's Armada Coalition.

Due to some sort of glitch in the galaxy wide order, Hudson took control of the system of Ravas, a system they did not want. At the same time, the Federation and Empire entered another proxy war via their respective minor factions in the system of Neits. This led to Imperial and Federation CMDRs, as well as mercenary and profiteers entering combat zones throughout Neits. As the battle progressed, the Federation took the lead, and eventually won the battle in the system, repulsing the Empires military forces once again.

During this battle, as the Federation and Empire were distracted, a technological plague coursed throughout the galaxy, throwing long standing tactics, plans, and SOPs into disarray. Was it sabotage? No one knows for sure, but for a time, the system security forces in many systems were without weapons, being hopelessly slaughtered by powers attempting to expand their control. Many systems fell before these issues could be resolved. This unfortunately led to a large exodus of 'contractors' from all powers, some retiring to a life on remote earth like worlds, others to explore out in the deep darkness, and some to even turn to despised guerrilla tactics and as a result, being disowned by their own factions. ALD also began prepping Beta Hydri at this time. With the helpless system security flying around unarmed, countless Imperial CMDRs were able to park their vessels, activate turrets, and sit back and watch as the system fell under the onslaught of unopposed Imperial fire. Federation CMDRs trying to defend the system were met with ARMED Imperial Navy Forces in support of the Imperial CMDRs. Helplessly outnumbered, the Federation was somehow able to avoid losing Beta Hydri to the clutches of the Empire.


June opened up to a very rare sound in the galaxy, nothing.... quiet. All the major powers agreed to a temporary cease-fire following technological glitches that occurred across the bubble. Numbers on expansions, undermining, and fortifications were all miscalculated and done hours later than expected. The power struggles across the galaxy, as ironic as this will sound, were in chaos. The leadership of the FLC was struggling, and actually, in reality, all powers leadership's were. Multiple powers would soon face changes in leadership roles.  

Most of the weeks in June were quiet for the Federation; however, the 5c was still working its poison and a bad expansion forced through by them required Hudson to self-turmoil to avoid taking on a loss maker. This was followed up with a quick prep of Chireni, a profitable system over 120lys from Nanomam. The expansion into Chireni was easy and the system quickly fell under Hudson leadership.


July started with an apparent end to the ceasefire, with Mahon and ALD launching weaponized expansions against Hudson again. Beta Hydri was again under assault by the Empire; however, this time, without an entire week of fighting against unarmed system security ships, the Federation was unable to counter the onslaught of parked, merit mining, imperial vessels. Beta Hydri was now under the control the ALD.

This was followed up by an attack on Hudson control systems, resulting in 2 profitable systems in turmoil. Thankfully, even with the exodus of CMDRs from the Federal powers, the Battle Cattle, along with help from the EDF, successfully hauled out of turmoil without losing any system.  This allowed the combat CMDRs to expand into Ross 33, adding that to our list of control systems. Unfortunately, the 5c were able to push 2 horrible systems into expansion, while the FRC entered a prep war for Oto with Patreus. In the end, over the last hours of the tick, Patreus was able to just out prep Oto and begin a Patreus expansion into that system. Our CC was managed in such a way that we were not forced to expand into the 2 5c loss-making system, but still picked up HIP 81237 under the Hudson umbrella.


Meanwhile, in response to Admiral Patreus' decision to construct more Majestic Class Capital Ships, Hudson announced the construction of additional Farragut Battle Cruisers. It appeared that a Capital Class arms race was underway.

The FRC started the month off with a slightly demoralizing loss as Patreus was able to gain control over Oto, despite heavy federal opposition, and news came out of a proxy war between the Federation and the Empire in the Pleiades, as the Empire attempted to prevent the expansion of the Federation into the nebula. As the battle waged on, it was clear that the President's decision to construct additional Farragut’s was a wise one. The Federation proved successful and won the war in Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16, solidifying their presence in the region. This would not, however, be the final conflict between the two powers in that sector of space. Many more competing goals would pit the Federation and Empire against each other in this region for months to come.

As the middle of the month rolled around, FRC CMDRs awoke to 8 systems in turmoil, AF Leporis, Brani, Di Kuana, Hanggardi, Korovii, Li Jungu, LP 701-1, and Matlehi. This was the result of a massive Imperial snipe operation on Hudson that fully undermined 12 unfortified Hudson control systems.  

The amazing fortification effort that followed was supported by a massive haul by CMDR Ardenon. He transported 70,000 tons of garrison supplies, at a personal cost of over 700,000,000 credits. When asked about the motivation behind the massive effort, CMDR Ardenon’s modest response was simply "Last week was not about profit, but about protecting the Federation." This effort, along with the effort of the rest of the Battle Cattle did result in the FRC pulling Hudson out of turmoil, fortifying 56 systems in total. The Empire had not relented, undermining another 28 systems, while that wasn't enough to turmoil Hudson a second week, it was enough to force all 8 of the turmoil systems to break away from the Federation. For a temporary moment, even Othime was after some confusion, but was quickly taken back under Hudson control after diplomatic actions were undertaken. Hudson's new control system total now stood at 77. The month closed with Patreus launching another weaponized expansion into Hudson territory, Nu-2 Canis Majoris.


Unlike August, September started with the FRC being victorious in their opposition of Nu-2 Canis Majoris, sending Patreus CMDRs back empty handed. Our Battle Cattle also successfully won a prep war with Torval to attempt an expansion into Dumnona, and the preparation of the system of Freng was now underway. On September 1, the United Research Council also announced a lockdown prohibiting powers from claiming control of all systems within a 30 light-year radius of the Coritab, Darian, Freng, and Lunduwalaya systems, putting Hudson’s preparation of Freng in doubt. After an outcry from CMDRs of the FRC and other affected powers, the Council released the hold on the systems temporarily. None-the-less, rumors were already floating about another minor faction preparing to make it's ascent to major status and that this 'bubble' of systems would soon be where they would make their presence known. This would have a detrimental and long-lasting impact on the Federation.

The Empire once again decided to attempt a snipe on Hudson, which successfully placed them into turmoil again, causing the loss of the Dumnona expansion; however, Freng was able to advance into expansion and combat pilots were waiting to lay claim to the system, after returning from their own snipe operation at ALD, sending her systems into turmoil as well. It was at this point that it became obvious that there were nefarious 5c forces at work within ALD. A one-sided agreement was reached that as long as the 5c operated within ALD, that the Federation would enact a cease-fire against ALD interests. ALD CMDRs acknowledged the Federal cease-fire; however, would not agree to a similar stance against the Federal interests.

The Battle Cattle continued their fortification stampede, bringing Hudson out of turmoil with no systems shed, and a freshly controlled system of Freng under the Hudson belt. Unfortunately, due to the large CC balance, the 5c within Hudson took advantage and advanced multiple abysmal systems into expansion, forcing the FRC to enter a mild, controlled, turmoil in order to ensure they we lost. UBV 15706 was on the block, and being a system on the fringe of the Hudson borders, and a loss-generating system, its loss at the end of the cycle did not result in any tears shed.


October started with Hudson still within turmoil, and another fringe loser system on the block, HIP 81237. Unfortunately, our enemies decided not to give FRC the assistance and undermine Hudson so the system stayed within Hudson oversight. While Hudson came out of turmoil, it appeared that a massive, FRC/FLC joint operation put Patreus into turmoil, with 6 of the Admiral's systems at risk of loss. While fortification efforts were increased due to an imperial backlash, the FRC began preparing for expansion into Sutekh.

The Battle Cattle weren't able to fortify enough to prevent turmoil again; however, the attack only managed to place Chireni on the chopping block. While it was a profitable system, it was attacked and undermined nearly every week. Its distance from Nanomam also meant it was never fortified, with extremely high fortification requirements. It was a profitable system that Hudson would actually benefit from losing. The FRC began its expansion of Sutekh, and as CMDRs withdrew from Patreus space, the federation attack had cost the Admiral control over 1 of his systems, but required his CMDRs to fortify everything, spending billions in credits in doing so.

As the middle of the month passed, and a successful repulse of the Empire counterattack and the welcoming of Sutekh to the Hudson party, the FRC found itself looking at Hudson in the #1 position of the galactic standings once again. It was known this would be short lived, as always, but was nice to view the galaxy from the top. Patreus meanwhile failed in turmoiling Hudson and launched 2 weaponized expansions into Hudson space. The expansions were not opposed with overwhelming force, and appeared that they would succeed; however as dawn broke at the start of the last week in October, Patreus was again in turmoil, with 6 more systems at risk of loss and an automatic failure of their expansion attempts.

The galaxy also received word that a dictator, the former Federation Admiral Yuri Grom, had arisen to considerable power in the galaxy. The dictator was considered a traitor of the Federation after deserting his command with the Federal Navy in order to attack federal interests across the galaxy. His sudden appearance on the doorstep of the Federation was a shock and would result in a significant threat to the Presidents interest along the new Grom/Hudson border. Quickly grabbing control of systems that had previously been under Hudson's control, it was clear that the Federation would be Grom's most likely early target.


November came in with a bang, with Patreus and Hudson both attacking each other. Patreus lost 2 additional systems, and an imperial snipe on Hudson resulted in Chireni (again), HIP 81237, and Mariyacoch all at risk of leaving the loving protection of President Hudson. As has become the standard, the Battle Cattle were still up to the task and secured all three systems, pulling Hudson back out of turmoil. Not to be outdone, our snipers moved into Patreus space and once again, shook up the Admiral's holdings, bringing another 6 systems into turmoil. The follow-up assault liberated 4 systems from the slave-driving Admiral's clutches.

November came to a relatively quiet close, with Hudson entering a light turmoil, placing Hudson's control over Chireni in doubt once again.


In preparation of celebrating the end of the year, the Empire obviously became quite jealous of Hudson's constant position near the top of the power rankings. The FRC was treated to a very heavy turmoil, resulting in finally losing the anchor that Chireni was to Hudson's economy. Mahon was also turmoiled at the same time and to this date; no power has come forth to take credit for what was a pretty significant attack. As the Federation was not involved in any offensive actions against the Alliance, it left only the Empire or Yuri Grom that could have benefited from any actions against Mahon.

The Battle Cattle was put up to a momentous task with having to try and save 5 control systems from falling out of the Hudson sphere of control. The Empire attack did not cease, resulting in the cancellation of the one-sided cease-fire that had remained in place. The Federation attempted to help the Empire fight off its internal 5c issues, only to be rewarded with a large attack on its systems, even while the 5c conspirators were still active within ALD systems. Unfortunately, with the continued undermining, the FRC recorded the loss of HIP 81237, 26 Ophiuchi, Muncheim, BD+43 2989, and Mislika.

The attacks on Hudson continued unabated however as another three systems were in Turmoil, LTT 7548, Mambojas, and V2578 Ophiuchii. LTT 7548 was a loss-maker; however, the other 2 would represent another loss of profitable systems. Despite another valiant fortifying effort, with the closing of 40 systems, the UM'ing was still successful in forcing the loss of all three systems, with 2 more going on the turmoil list, Sutekh and HIP 93377. The three systems lost all overlapped other Hudson control systems. This meant that although Hudson lost systems, we regained CC from the overlapped exploited systems and actually improved our CC economy.  This time, both systems were loss makers as well, and the FRC was able to lose both systems, regaining about 20 cc, and stop Hudson from being in turmoil another week. The remainder of December ended with an abatement of the offensive actions against the Presidents systems. While December resulted in the loss of 10 systems, the overall damage to the Hudson economy was relatively minor compared to the number of systems lost thanks to how many of our systems overlapped and cannibalized CC from other Hudson Control systems.

It was time to celebrate the New Year!
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