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In the year 3253 huge asteroids fields, rich with resources, were discovered in the Crab Sector .

Many freelancers traveled to these systems to try their luck and become rich. This migration is now known as the “Crab Gold Rush”.

Lacking any official names or boundaries the miners divided the Crab Nebula into sectors , making sure the bigger mining operations wouldn’t interfere with each other operations.

The freelancers built up their bases around the asteroid fields and functioned as independent organizations, mining the lucrative resources. But, the Crab Sector lay far away from the usual trade routes and the freelancers were using T7 and T9 ships to transport the resources back 6.9 thousand light years back to civilization.

The problems didn't start until 3258 when the miners started losing shipments to piracy and even started losing some of the T7s and T9s they were using to ship back to the core.

Like in the old days these pioneers started arming themselves, grouping together as a means for defending themselves and even allied themselves to form bigger groups, known as alliances. But it was feared that they didn't have the ships or experience to properly defend their shipments.

The Vega corporation took the opportunity to arrange transports from the Crab region back to civilization. This mere foothold was all the Vega Corporation needed. They slowly took over control of the asteroid fields by any means necessary. Assimilating them into their own organization one after another and costing the miners as much or more they the pirates had in the first place.

In the year 3269 the remaining freelancers had enough and rebelled against Vega Corp starting a long and bloody civil war known as the Vega Conflict. The freelancers came together and reformed their earlier alliances to counter the technology and numbers of the Vega Corp, who had grown rich and powerful.

In a desperate attempt to break the Vega Corporation's control over the Crab sector several of these bigger alliances formed a coalition and fought the Vega Corporation for many years. At the end the war was won by Vega and many rebels died. The strongest groups went into hiding and remain there, fighting a guerrilla war.

This is the story of one of these alliances now known as “Black Sails”. They controlled sector 2100 with help from several other smaller groups like “Sector Alliance of War”, “Titans of Space” and “Immortals”.

No help came from the civilized systems during the Vega Conflict and the rebels had to take care of themselves. One of the bigger alliances, the “Black Sails”, wanted to change this. They sent some of their best pilots back to where it all began, making sure people would know about the conflict and creating a home for the Sails in the old systems. These pilots swore to build up what was destroyed and eventually return to the region to help their brothers.

In the years to come these pilots would build up a group of fighters hoping they would become an influence in the core worlds, being capable of returning to the Crab region in force.
In honor of their brothers, 6,9 million light years away, they call themselves “Black Sails sq.69”

Their first duty would be establishing a foothold and then build up forces….

Daniel James Royle was elected as leader of the Squadron 69, commanders Bodge T Deadly, Rummie and The Dutch were assigned as wing commanders. Later on Squadron 69 would become a acknowledged faction and president Royle appointed Bodge as minister of warfare, Rummie as minister of exploration and trading and Dutch as minister of Homeland and diplomacy.
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