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4th Archive: Regira Sphere

Senator Zemina Torval has suffered considerably over recent months at the hands of saboteurs in her power, and she has been forced to accepted turmoil and revolt across her domain. One such system is Regira, the center of a region critical to the Praetorian Curiate Assembly's plans. While we were eager to build a positive relationship with Senator Torval, we were forced into action as it became clear that she would be unable to retain control.

Region turmoils as PCA pushes forward

The future of the Praetorian Curiate Assembly was called into question today as news of instability in Senator Zemina Torval's holdings rocked local markets and governments.  The Assembly, which has been actively accruing assets in HR 7766 since late August, quietly expanded into Yalura last week, in a move that had been expected to tie Duke Alden Rowe even more closely to Senator Torval.

However, despite PCA offices continuing to open throughout the system, faction representatives have yet to make any official announcements regarding their aspirations in the system. With Duke Rowe's government reeling from the death of Curia Erwan Jodoc, former leader of the HR 7766 United Bureau, trust in the Assembly and support for their growth in Yalura is unclear, with the Empire's future in HR 7766 also uncertain. Executives from HR 7766 Purple Major Limited have so far kept mum, but with Torval ousted, a Federation ascendancy in the system may be in the cards.

Nine Nayan News anchorwoman Olivia Abott will interview Praetorian Curiate Assembly Marshall Baronet Wreyn Kaira this evening, to be broadcast throughout the sector tomorrow.


Regional stability in question as Torval leaves power vacuum

The end of Senator Zemina Torval's political and economic hegemony in the Regira region has the future of billions in question as local governments declare ownership arrangements with the Senator void.

Regira Crimson Gold Comms, central to Senator Torval's partnerships with Federal, Imperial, and independent factions, and the sector's dominant government, has announced itself as "independent from the Empire and pleased to rely solely on the Federation for support." Crimson Netcoms Developments of Theta Indi, the region's most populous system, made a similar announcement early Thursday morning.

Representatives from the sector's dominant Imperial governments  in HR 7766, Conchucos, CD-52 9732, and Matikuoluk all confirmed late Sunday that their major business relationships with Zemina Torval had ended, and that patrons throughout their systems had dropped support for the Senator after days of meetings on Matikuoluk Prime.

Speaking briefly from Matikuoluk's Armstrong Orbital, Praetorian Curiate Assembly representative Baronet Wreyn Kaira, a former aide to Senator Patreus, stated his faction's clear intention to "maintain Imperial interests in the region."

"Senator Denton Patreus has a proven record of cooperation with Federal factions when appropriate, and the Empire in this sector is confident that both Regira and Theta Indi will see the value in that cooperation."

Reports have suggested that Regira Crimson Gold Comms are on the verge of losing control of their government in Laklang, and that CD-52 9466 Federal Corporation's war with the local feudalists of their system had put their government at risk of imminent collapse.

Patreus Sentinels stake claim in Regira

War is being waged across Regira, as Senator Denton Patreus's private fleet engages resistance elements throughout the system. While local opposition led by Regira Crimson Gold Comms is expected to receive support from the Federal United Command, the political dominance of Imperial factions in the sector have given the Admiral a significant advantage — reports have suggested that over 50,000 tons of military arms were delivered to Imperial interests in Regira for distribution throughout the region.

Patreus's move comes after confirmed defeats for Regira Crimson Gold Comms in Laklang and CD-52 9466 Federal Corporation in their home system. Both systems are now governed by feudalists tied to the Praetorian Curiate Assembly. PCA, which completed a negotiated transfer of government in Yalura last week, had previously expressed support for Patreus in the region, noting his "proven record of cooperation with Federal factions when appropriate."

The sector's leading Federal governments, Regira Crimson Gold Comms and Theta Indi Crimson Netcoms Dev, partnered with Senator Zemina Torval for several years before her forced withdrawal, but her initial entry into the system was via asset transfers and complex business deals. With pitched battles embroiling Regira in conflict as Federal governments in the region fall, cooperation may be difficult once fighting ends.

Announcing the Praetorian Curiate Assembly's full commitment to Senator Patreus's efforts in region, Patrician Kiera bishop commented that "Maintenance of Imperial dominion here is of the utmost importance, and Senator Patreus is best-positioned to ensure continuity for the Imperial governments of the region. Duke Alden Rowe and Senator Patreus of course understand the desire to resist, and trust that our Federal neighbors will make the right decisions for their people before their debts to our Admiral grow unpayable."

Patreus triumphs in Regira

Senator Denton Patreus's efforts to stabilize Regira and its surrounding systems after the sudden exit of Senator Torval last month have succeeded.

Supported by the major Imperial governments of the region, Patreus's Sentinels were able to easily outweigh local Federal interests lead by Regira Crimson Gold Comms. The prospect of success for RCGC's opposition to the Senator's powerplay was contingent on external support from the Federal United Command that did not materialize.

Crimson Gold Comms will continue to govern Regira, but must now do so in partnership with Patreus, who is requiring a significant indemnity to offset costs incurred during the one-week conflict over the system. This indemnity will include direct payments to Imperial factions partnered with Patreus, covering the value of the marked military arms distributed to those factions in anticipation of the conflict.

Speaking from Eotienses, Baronet Wreyn Kaira commented:

"We respect that Regira is not an Imperial system and so resisted partnership with Senator Patreus, but as I said last month, the Senator's track record of cooperation with Federal factions when appropriate is strong. We look forward to assisting Regira Crimson Gold Comms in adopting our honorable institutions as they work to pay their new debts."
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