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5th Archive: Yalura

Neither the stations nor the economy of Yalura are particularly interesting. However, the system has a tourist beacon clearly in line with our martial philosophy, and was at one point a rarity: a system with eight minor factions, a legacy of old mechanics.

Commander Astirian highlights this location for space travellers. It has a great view of its rings, star and super-massive crater. For hundreds of years combat has taken place here to resolve blood-feuds within the ruling families of the Yalura system. The 1.21g gravity ensures fast and brutal combat. Only the toughest survive.

PCA logistics and military build-up in CD-49 13082

Despite a stated committment to HR 7766 and a high-profile conflict and acquisition, PCA forces and shipping have been observed concentrating in CD-49 13082.

Despite its small population, CD-49 13082 has taken a critical position in Duke Alden Rowe's portfolio, with Marius Relay serving as feudal faction's de facto military headquarters outside of SPOCS 900.

With the Varangian Syndicate long-since ousted and the Assembly maintaining total control of the system, analysts are predicting an imminent expansion.

Security warning issued for Colosseum

Travel agents have issued warnings across the region to would-be tourists that now might not be the right time to visit Yalura's famous Colosseum, known for its bloody history. The Colosseum, a massive crater dominating Yalura 1, is known as the arena where the system's blood feuds are resolved, and has seen increased activity in recent days.

"The families of Yalura have kept quiet over the last weeks," explained Director of Movement Fiona Hammond, "but the Praetorian Curiate Assembly's offer has raised new conflict within our nation. This morning the third son of Gutxi Ibarra, Jokin, perished in combat with Basilio Domínguez of the Domínguez family after Basilio shot his Garriot quadbike out from under him! This gives the Domínguez family a clear advantage in the on-going elections! Soon you will be able to visit his ruin yourself once travel restrictions are lifted!"

When asked for comment, Baronet Wreyn Kaira of the PCA replied that "this is exactly why Duke Rowe wishes for the Nationals to join his hierarchy."

PCA wins Yalura in agreement with Nationals

Red-tinged elections in Yalura ended today, with Basilio Domínguez the last man standing in Yalura's Colosseum. The Domínguez's ardent support for the Praetorian Curiate Assembly and prowess in the field has brought the system fully into the fold, with control of governing Zoline Plant going to the Assembly, while the LTT 8852 Empire Party maintains control of Miller Settlement and Johnson Port.

Complete details on the arrangement made between the Nationals and the Assembly have been kept confidential to, according to PCA sources, "protect the Assembly's position in future negotiations." However, the families of Yalura — with the Domínguez family dominant — will integrate into the the Assembly's feudal structure, while continuing to control tourist fees for the high traffic Colosseum beacon on Yalura 1.

Patrician Kiera Bishop and Baronet Wreyn Kaira were present at Zoline Plant to mark the end of the elections and to offer the Empire's embrace to the system. In a lavish ceremony with the surviving heads of Yalura's family present, Patrician Bishop announced Curii Basilio Domínguez as governor of the system on behalf of Duke Alden Rowe.

After accepting oaths of fealty from the second families of the system, Curii Domínguez expressed his pleasure to serve Duke Rowe before announcing that travel warnings for the system's beacon had been lifted, commenting that "tourists and warriors may now visit my vanquished opponents in our Colosseum."

Despite holding the majority of the Yalura's stations, including the mining colony at Johnson Port, LTT 8852 Empire Party representatives have yet to comment on recent events in the system. Both Baronet Kaira and Patrician Bishop also declined to comment when asked about the Assembly's relationship with the Empire Party.

Yalura rocked by lockdown as PCA prepares to expand

Praetorian Curiate Assembly ships have concentrated in Yalura over the last several days, but optimism for Curii Basilio Domínguez's expansionist support for Duke Alden Rowe was dampened by reports of lockdowns in the system.

The Barons of Babal, a partner faction for PCA that also holds close ties with Dictator Yuri Grom, has announced a security lockdown across their stations and offices. The expected impact of this increased security in Yalura and other PCA systems with the Barons hold offices is low. However, an announcement this morning by the LTT 8852 Empire Party of a similar lockdown has brought the safety of Yalura into question.

Despite PCA's governance of and strong influence throughout the system, Yalura's largest installation, Johnson Port, remains controlled by the Empire Party — as is Miller Settlement. With services at Johnson Port closed, it is certain the Curii Domínguez will be pushing the Empire Party to sort their affairs as soon as possible.

Critics have already suggested that the PCA forces congregating in-system should resolve the security situation themselves.

Praetorian Curiate Assembly in talks with LTT 8852 Empire Party

Curii Basilio Domínguez has extended an offer to the LTT 8852 Empire Party for purchase of Johnson Port and Miller Settlement in Yalura. The Empire Party's control of the system's largest installation was questioned by the Praetorian Curiate Assembly after a lockdown put a temporary halt to extraction work at the Port.

Curii Domínguez, who was elevated by the Praetorian Curiate Assembly only recently, commented that "while Duke Alden Rowe is not of Yalura, I am, and for the security of my people I believe that we must have these assets. We wish the Empire Party the best but their maladministration is unacceptable. Accepting our buyout would be wise. Our stations for our nation."

The LTT 8852 Empire Party, despite maintaining offices in six systems, own no stations outside of Yalura.

Speaking anonymously, one Empire Party representative referred to Curii Domínguez's buyout as "offered at the point of a sword held by Rowe, not Domínguez."

LTT 8852 Empire Party accepts buyout

Curii Basilio Domínguez's offer to purchase LTT 8852 Empire Party's assets in Yalura has been accepted, with the Empire Party transferring control and shuttering their offices in the system earlier this afternoon.

Yalura's economy is driven by a combination of extraction, refinery, and tourists attracted to its historical Colosseum, where Basilio Domínguez defeated Jokin Ibarra last month. Despite Domínguez's victory, which won him the right to lead the Nationals of Yalura, joining its most powerful families to the Praetorian Curiate Assembly, governance of the system did not carry with it economic dominance.

But with LTT 8852 Empire Party's stations now under the Assembly's control, Dominguez's government on behalf of Duke Alden Rowe is likely to go unquestioned.

In his announcement, Curii Domínguez expressed his "honor at being entrusted with the fate and future of Yalura's people" and his "appreciation that the Empire would see fit for a native son to rule this system."
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