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10th Archive: Wen Chayuse

Our campaign in Wen Chayuse, a low population system offering only one outpost, was intended to allow us access to other systems. Our initial intent in Wen Chayuse was to eventually exit, but agreements with neighboring factions have led us to maintain a durable and presence.

PCA office in Wen Chayuse opens

The Praetorian Curiate Assembly announced yesterday the opening of a new office in Wen Chayuse, a minor extraction economy governed by Wen Chayuse Advanced Services.

Speaking from Naburimannu Terminal, Baronet Wreyn Kaira described PCA's new operation as "intended to support an Imperial corporation in improving efficiency. Despite the low population of this system, it is Imperial and the resources it produces will be needed by our government in the coming weeks and months."

Baronet Kaira declined to comment on whether or not PCA would seek legal control of the system. The Assembly and Wen Chayuse Advanced Services have partnered in the past, with WCAS selling its Nyoru offices to Duke Rowe, opening a path for PCA's conquest of that system.

Disruption in Wen Chayuse as PCA builds forces

Months after expanding into Wen Chayuse in partnership with Wen Chayuse Advanced Services, Praetorian Curiate Assembly naval vessels have been seen swarming the system.

The low population system has seen numerous elections and minor wars over the last several months, though few have gained attention outside the system, with the region's news outlets focused on the Assembly's major political moves elsewhere.

While PCA representatives refused to comment on the nature of their forces in the system, anonymous sources within the Assembly have suggested that Duke Alden Rowe and his officers have been frustrated by Wen Chayuse's instability, and that maintaining operations on Naburimannu Terminal has required more resources than the system is capable of outputting.

PCA announces seizure of Wen Chayuse

In a surprising statement, Baronet Wreyn Kaira of the Praetorian Curiate Assembly announced that Duke Alden Rowe had commanded him to take control of Wen Chayuse.

"Deception brought the Praetorian Curiate Assembly into this system. The scale of that deception and the mismanagement of Naburimannu Terminal has made it clear that this system will not contribute productively to the region unless controlled by a competent government. We regret that it has come to this, but in the name of Duke Alden Rowe, a new rule is coming."

Wen Chayuse will be the least populous system controlled by PCA, focusing on small-scale extraction across the system via it sole outpost, Naburimmanu Terminal.

Assembly takes Wen Chayuse

The Praetorian Curiate Assembly has completed operations against Wen Chayuse Advanced Services, which mustered only weak opposition.

“With Naburimmanu Terminal under our control, we can ensure that this system’s output is maximized, with minimal overheads and disruption,” commented Baronet Wreyn Kaira.

Executive Virgilio Curry responded to his government’s defeat with few remarks, saying that “PCA’s inability to come to terms with us and support us as requested is unfortunate.”

PCA and ACUC at odds

The Praetorian Curiate Assembly is reportedly engaging in operations against Anayali Crimson United Corp in Wen Chayuse. Low-level fighting is occurring throughout the low population system, which the Assembly took control of only a few weeks ago.

"This is a limited matter and directly related to Crimson United's unwillingness to negotiate with us regarding a greater share of the system's shipping and the potential for further operations in the area.

Crimson United Corp representatives have not commented.

Amid outbreak, PCA expands

Questions about the Praetorian Curiate Assembly’s operations were raised yesterday, as the Praetorian Curiate Assembly announced an expansion from Wen Chayuse amidst an outbreak at Naburimannu Terminal.

Esquire Taliyah Duffy responded to criticism this morning:

“We have critical timelines that we need to meet; this outbreak is not threatening to Imperial interests, or even local interests. It is fully contained — despite requirements that we report this ‘outbreak’ is active, please bear in mind that the population of Naburimannu is quite low. Only a few dozen individuals are actually ill.”

Esquire Duffy refused to indicate where PCA would next be opening offices.
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