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* Rules of Engagement *


  • NO COMBAT LOGGING. There are no exceptions. Logging out during combat is prohibited in all forms and against all enemies.
  • All combat-kitted ships ranked Competent and above are valid targets. Good judgment should be employed so as to avoid griefing.
  • No killing or attacking our allies. If it happens by mistake, be prepared for reimbursement or sacrificial retaliation.
  • Do not persistently attack Commanders who are not deemed KOS.
  • In self-defense, only the first point in ROE is relevant.
  • In times of war, a special ROE may be published. Look to your WC or DWC for orders.

  • By definition, pirates do not aim to kill but to obtain cargo. You can be a pirate, not a griefer. Don't intentionally kill targets under the pretense of piracy.
  • No piracy of Atlas members or allies.
  • No piracy within Atlas controlled space.
  • If you engage in piracy, you're on your own if you get attacked.

Atlas is an independent faction and does not actively or collectively participate in PowerPlay.

Warnings and Expulsion:
  • For a certain set of serious violations, our policy is to warn for the first offense and expel from the wing for a second offense.
  • Actions that can result in a warning to include: combat logging; use of a racial slur; repeated aggressive/disruptive behavior on Discord or in a party.
  • Any member in a leadership position that receives a warning will be subject to a demotion back to the ranks.
  • In addition, actions that are cause for immediate removal include: acting for another group considered hostile; making real life threats to any other player; engaging in any illegal behavior such as DDoS or doxing.
  • Particularly egregious violations, as well as any actions outside of those listed above, will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the discretion of the WC/DWC with consultation with relevant SL/FL.
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