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The Prismatic Palace originally dates back to 3285 as the official governing headquarters of the Cubeo system. Until recent years, the Prismatic Palace was only a house for the governor. The development of the Prismatic Imperium as a true faction began with it’s largest organizations that threatened the power of the local patronage system.

The People’s Media was the first organization that attracted political power. It constructed a massive facility on the edge of a lake and officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 18th 3301. [SOURCE 01] [SOURCE 02] The second organization, The 13th Legion, was created on June 28th 3301. [SOURCE 03] Soon after, the third largest organization, The Navigators Guild, found a foothold in the political field.

Following the failed attempt to create a lasting peace between the Federation (Winters) and Empire (Aisling), the oldest son and successor to the Prismatic Throne Jeffrey Ryan was rumored to be exiled from his home and left his inheritance and claim to power to his younger brother Corwin Ryan. [SOURCE 04] Corwin Ryan immediately went to work to legally become the active governing figure and began a political platform using The People’s Media.
By September 2nd 3301, Corwin Ryan was recognized as Lord of the Prismatic Palace and had established the Prismatic Imperium. He made amends with his brother Jeffrey Ryan and made him his official advisor. The Prismatic Imperium’s first major appearance was a speech by Lord Corwin Ryan that was broadcasted from the front plaza of The People’s Media. [SOURCE 05] His speech was largely focused on discouraging open war on the Federation. His local support gave the Prismatic Imperium the authority to take the Cubeo system from Patron’s Principles.

Chelomey Orbital hosted the first performance of the Prismatic Aurora on September 12th 3301, an event sponsored by the Prismatic Imperium. [SOURCE 06] The artists responsible for the display stated that the show represented a united people for the future of the Empire, a present goal of the PI.
The audience in attendance were of various importance. Prismatic Imperium leader Lord Corwin Ryan was present with many of his guests including the well known Solomon Alcubierre who comes from a family of scholars, explorers, and renowned scientists, and Legate Andariel Valaquenta who founded the 13th Legion. Lord Headmaster Vickershaft, founder of The Navigators Guild, Lord Herald Kevin Massey, founder of The People’s Media, and the future PI Overseer Jesse Ladd were rumored to be seated as guests of Lord Corwin Ryan as well.
Lord Corwin Ryan led a peaceful protest in Achenar on October 19th 3301 over the Emperor’s choice of ‘coronation gift’ with many pilots, including independent pilots, blockading the entrance to Dawes starport, interdicting traders and occupying landing pads in protest. The blockade’s effectiveness was limited by its peaceful nature, which many put down to Lord Ryan’s forceful leadership in keeping the more violent elements in line. Many were then surprised when Lord Ryan turned himself over to the authorities. [12]
With Andariel Valaquenta rising into the Prismatic Palace as the Vice-Lord for Lord Ryan, he announced a war against the Federation (Winters), a move that would create the Imperial Unity that the Prismatic Imperium seeked. [13] [14] [15] Lord Corwin Ryan was released from trial and imprisonment because of the actions of the Prismatic Imperium in the effort to unite the Imperial powers against the Federation. [16]

Throughout the life of The People’s Media and the Prismatic Imperium, Jesse Ladd had a growing appetite for power in the defense field. Since his appointment to address the rising terrorist threat [07] in Cubeo, Ladd has managed to justify the building of a private military force [08] [09] [10] and place himself in authority over all three of the PI Branches as the Overseer. [11] He directs the Quan-Tech Security Network that defends Cubeo through databases and communications.
With the hack of the Quan-Tech Network on February 19, 3302, Ladd has begun an investigation that will insure he has all the necessary power to crush domestic terrorism from the Cubeo system, a move that is often the focus of a controversial debate. [17]
This is a story that continues to develop as the Overseer works to solve Cubeo’s terrorism. Follow this link for a detailed look at Jesse Ladd’s impact on the Prismatic Imperium: [LINK]

The People’s Media begins to rapidly release information surrounding the Branch of SIGHT and its effort to free slaves. While the Branch of MIND made public announcements supporting the abolition of slavery in the Empire [18] [19], the Branch of SIGHT created several programs including an effort to create a new colony where liberated slaves could find education and employment. [20] [21] [22]
This is a story that continues to develop as the PI works to abolish slavery. Follow this link for a detailed look at impact on the Empire: [LINK]
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