Galen Reynolds / 23 Nov 3303
Bloody Exploring bug

Recently I had the exploring bug get into me. So I grab my lil Aspx and picked a direction and took off. This is the furthest I have ever been from the bubble, and amazingly enough my ship systems are still at 100% (seems the AFM was a waste of creds). Now I kinda miss seeing other ships, and dealing...

Phoenix_4416 / 12 Nov 3303
I hate Jackson's Lighthouse

Seventeen. Seventeen men, women and children alive today due to the Persephone's aid in the search and rescue operations. Hardly seems like we have saved anyone when i think of the hundreds of thousands who have already died out here. Yet every life saved means something, i mean gods i would hate to...

Phoenix_4416 / 03 Nov 3303
Rescue Operation in the Pleiades Day 1

For days now I have stayed clear of the Pleiades sector, I had heard the tales they all said of ships pulled from hyperspace, crews never heard from again, madness which swells the ranks until all is silent. Bar room stories, drunkards stories. Maybe but there was enough there to worry me and so i steered...

Galen Reynolds / 27 Sep 3303
Decisions Decisions

Recently after considering the call for help with the current non-human threat to our small bubble of the universe. I decided to go and help for a while. Everything was going fine until I dropped out of supercurise at a non-human signal. Let me say this the thargoids don't mess around. I was there...

Unifex / 09 Mar 3303
Browncoats, Colonia and you can't stop the Signalis

I was just hanging out at Jaques Station waiting for the next Migration drive announcement (which has started now) when I caught a wave with CMDR Yojimbosan. He's a friend from way back and we can even trace our lineage back to the same small country in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth that was. He was...

Unifex / 28 Jan 3303
Jet surfing

The Frameshift Drive is at 79% and it's started malfunctioning. This is the first time I've seen this and it's quite unnerving given how far out I am. Less than 2kLy from the final way station. I will be stopping for repairs as I swapped out the maintenance unit for more cargo space. Having said...

Unifex / 30 Nov 3302
Passengers are idiots

I failed the mission. I spent a week collecting resources to synthesize grade 3 FSD boosts, and I got a lot. But it wasn't enough. Even with double the usual jump range I just couldn't find a path to the destination. I accept part of the blame. I should have checked out the destination better. However,...

Unifex / 20 Nov 3302
A long way for nothing...

So... I'm out here at Praea Theia PV-A c28-0 which is just under 1kLy from my passengers destination. One kylie straight up. The stars are few and far between out here and I'm as close as I can get without boosting the FSD. I have enough resources for 38 level 3 boosts but I'm not sure if it will be...

Unifex / 21 Oct 3302
I'm allied with the Browncoat Uprising

My work has been noticed and recognised. I'm finding that my goals are becoming conflicted.  I'm wanting to say and support my fellow Browncoats while, at the same time, I'm yearning to get back out into the black. Current goal... Work towards getting the BU firmly into Rishair. Then head back...

Unifex / 15 Oct 3302
The Colonia Core Circuit Expedition

I appear to have poor timing on too many things it seems. The Colonia Core Circuit Expedition that departs from Colonia is going to be running right in the middle of a very busy month and a half back in the world. This means I'm likely to be late to every stop so I'm going to skip that. For the moment...
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Squadron info

Name: Browncoat Uprising
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Shizuka
    Members: 60
    Ships: 316
    Supporters: 27
    Squadron age: 1322 days
    Headquarters: Vargerson [Browncoat Refuge]
    Minor faction: Browncoat Uprising

    In coalition with: