Juuba / 31 Jan 3303
Day 4 - "Go West"

Started the final journey home. I decided to go south, to "radial 90", or "East side" on the galaxy. Then head towards the bubble on a "westerly heading". Found something that looks like a HUGE earth like world, 11000 Ls out from the M-class sun. Can it be? It looks...

Juuba / 25 Jan 3303
Day 2 - the NGC 3324

Spent the day flying along the bright stars of this cluster NGC 3324 from NGC 3324 Sector HW-W e1-4  to V405 Carinae. Found one secondary Neutron and maybe a few Terraformable and Water worlds. Not sure if the worlds were found enroute here or in this nebula. All of the stars in this and the Trumpler...

Juuba / 23 Jan 3303
Day 1.5 - Black holes and Star Clusters

So, this morning I found a nice cluster of stars and it turned out to be "the Trumpler 16". I wonder if it's in relation to the Trump back on the 21st century Earth. Of course, up close (100 LY) it isn't as prominent: the Other cluster still is far enough and looks amazing: But...

Juuba / 23 Jan 3303
Day 1 - Homeward bound

While zig zagging in the Eta Carina nebula I noticed a cluster of stars. After a few jumps, they still loomed over there: I started chasing them: A while later - I decided to check how far from home I was: That is the Bubble? Almost 9000 LY away!?! Okay, it's a sign: I...

Juuba / 11 Jan 3303
Day 32 - Eta Carina - 2500 Light years.

Something's changed. My Asp jumps 46+ LY:s (49,14 maximum with empty fuel tank) now. Last time I checked it was mostly 42 LY:s and 46 something max. Oh, I'll take it. Onwards to Carinae nebula, 2500 LY:s to go. BLAE DRYOAE neutron was discovered by someone called Selrak Lightner. A Boosted...

Juuba / 09 Jan 3303
Day 31 - 3300 light years to ETA CARINAE

I had stopped at a neutron star in the SYRALUIA sector. Found 2 more at 45 LY each distances. Nice 2 normal jumps towards the nebula. I'll boost from the second. A Third neutron 186 LY from the third - just perfect for my boosted jump. Running a little low on fuel, made it 189 LY on a boosted...

Juuba / 14 Dec 3302
Day 19 - Last leg to the Lighthouse, and beyond

Found one Water world a few jumps in. Another water world 6 jumps from the Lighthouse. Lighthouse was uneventful. A Trio of stars, not too bright from 10 LY away where I Stopped to take a look. The system itself has 2 stars. Didn't scan the second star, it was far and already discovered, no surprise...

Juuba / 13 Dec 3302
Day 18 - Making some progress

Last night I jumped some 500 LY:s, one Neutron added 140 Light years. Found a Black hole some 500 or so LY:s out, made it a waypoint. Found a Ammonia atmospheric Water world on the way. Oh yeah, now I remember, the Black hole was in a small grey cloud that attracted my attention. PLOI AIHM...

Juuba / 08 Dec 3302
Day 16:ish - Closing in on the Lighthouse

Some 2000 LY:s to go to Praea Aec YA-F d11-37 aka the Lighthouse. I found an Earth Like here, with 2 more blue pearls around the secondary star. Had to camp for the night (day) before venturing to the secondary star. I already almost made a decision to just "jump, honk, scoop and discover...

Juuba / 25 Nov 3302
Day 14 - Slow progress

I didn't get much "ground" covered across the galaxy on day 13. Didn't write anything down. Scanned some neutrons and some planets. Found a Black hole to fly to. Now I'm off towards a waypoint, but I cannot remember what it is. Maybe the Lighthouse, or what was it called... Praea AEC...
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