Sierra I07 / 08 Jul 3303
Feels like the Bubble gets more dangerous every week. (09/07/3303)

I'm uploading this to INARA to ensure I have a secure backup both here, and with the tech-com guys we have in the armada. For whatever reason, as much as I can ascertain, I've gained a bounty. Got in touch with a few FEDCOM operators who were 'retired'. Turns out, shit's a bit worse than we thought in...

Sierra I07 / 05 Jul 3303
Couple of historical notes, courtesy of yours truly. (05/07/03 - SEE LOG 01/03073303)

A few of the boys asked me what a Federal Commando is. Truth be told, I forgot that Hudson had the program buried after the incident in Maia. Still, that was mid-last year, and I suppose most people in the special operations community are trained to forget (especially the PF kind).  So it surprises me...

Sierra I07 / 03 Jul 3303
My past is catching up to me, it seems. (03/07/03)

Had one of the IPA guys tear through some leaked signals from an unregistered comms beacon. I found it after running some errands for a guy out of Ez Aquarii. Looks like somebody's been keeping tabs on us. What you're gonna read is my service record with the 'Feds. Including info that will prove what...

Squadron info

Name: Independent Pilot's Armada
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Vikingblood212'
    Members: 55
    Ships: 168
    Supporters: 4
    Squadron age: 1132 days

    In coalition with: