Logbook entry

Sierra I07 / 03 Jul 3303
My past is catching up to me, it seems. (03/07/03)

Had one of the IPA guys tear through some leaked signals from an unregistered comms beacon. I found it after running some errands for a guy out of Ez Aquarii. Looks like somebody's been keeping tabs on us.
What you're gonna read is my service record with the 'Feds. Including info that will prove what happened back in Maia. Stuff that Maxton Price tried saying wasn't their fault. Next time they need to vet their troops better.


Bryant, Jack
Chief Petty Officer
SN: SI0107

JACK BRYANT was born February 17th, 3274, at MHS01 in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (TERRA/SOL).

  • Enlisted at age 18 after loss of parent 6 months prior to his birth date.

  • Completed boot camp at OLYMPUS MONS TRAINING CENTRE (MARS/SOL). Highest honors given.

Deployments during first 3 years as FEDERAL INFANTRY - 19

    Completes FEDCOM PROGRAM at NAVSPECWAR CENTRE (████ / ████████ )

Notes: Small conflict with ████████  during Program 7N. BRYANT confronted ████████ due to 'unacceptable' actions made towards members of DELTA/FEDCOM (led by BRYANT). ████████  then became aggressive towards Bryant. Force was used against both to subdue them. BRYANT was not subdued and was attacked by Security forces to restrain. BRYANT displayed force not commonly seen in FEDCOM cadets and was recommended for Program MKT1.

Deployments during time as FEDCOM OPERATOR - 76

OPERATION: ████████  -

DELTA/FEDCOM deployed to █████████ ███████ ████ ███    to ensure peace. Anaconda XCO is boarded to seize illegal weaponry. OPFOR onboard engage DELTA using SPR weaponry, compromising the hull and breaching it. BRYANT is struck by multiple rounds as well as debris, flung into deep space. Sustained catastrophic wounds to head (LEFT EYE, CRANIUM), torso (NECK, LEFT SHOULDER). Retrieved by MED01 and brought to local station. Sustains loss of left eye and bone in left arm. DELTA/FEDCOM also loses operators BROWN and KOYLE from depressurisation.

OPERATION: ████████  -

DELTA/FEDCOM Operators BROWN and KOYLE replaced with MILLER and CHASE. During military presence in ████ , MILLER engaged and killed PFS DEX, a relief ship. BRYANT reacted by shutting down weapons systems and attempting to remove MILLER from fire controls after he attempted to engage the wing member of PFS DEX. CHASE and MILLER apprehended BRYANT and placed him under arrest for interferance in a Federal Operation. Operator CARTER was shot and killed by CHASE after attempting to free BRYANT. MILLER purged the combat logs and claimed mutiny under investigative reports by ADM PRICE.

Further details:

BRYANT is a capable soldier, trained in ground, air and deep space warfare. He strives for greatness however drags himself down with relationships in fireteams.

To discharge him based on small, if no evidence proves that loyalty towards our ground forces falls short once again. FEDNAVCOM is sad to lose a dedicated operator to shortcomings such as overzealous new recruits into the FEDCOM units. Operators MILLER and CHASE have been dishonorably discharged at this time.


DISCHARGED - 03/01/3302
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Squadron info

Name: Independent Pilot's Armada
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Vikingblood212'
    Members: 55
    Ships: 167
    Supporters: 4
    Squadron age: 1096 days

    In coalition with: