Logbook entry

Sierra I07 / 08 Jul 3303
Feels like the Bubble gets more dangerous every week. (09/07/3303)

I'm uploading this to INARA to ensure I have a secure backup both here, and with the tech-com guys we have in the armada. For whatever reason, as much as I can ascertain, I've gained a bounty. Got in touch with a few FEDCOM operators who were 'retired'. Turns out, shit's a bit worse than we thought in our dear old bubble. Our old CO, John Ackerson, was running some wetwork for the brass. He went into private contract work after the program got shut down, as did most of us.

He was tracking a few targets known to the big three. We already know how that went though, and the outcry that occurred afterwards was felt all around the Milky Way. He spent a few more weeks keeping tabs on them, before the higher ups got disinterested, and told him to pull away. Turns out his contract was over the moment the infamous senator was shot down. John was a stubborn old bastard, and loved surveillance work - so of course he didn't just about face and piss off back to Vega. He then began travelling out towards Pleaides. This is where it gets interesting.

His Cobra was shot down a few systems over from a permit locked area - I'm guessing Pilots Federation has official business there or something. Funny thing is, the system belongs to the Feds. Always has. Now, his black box was mostly wiped - remotely, at least. So there was still data left over that one of the guys from Omega squad back in the day ended up recovering. He passed that onto a former member of Delta. You guessed it. He passed it on to Miller. Him and Chase set up their own PF 6 months after the incident. They had slicers gut the box, pull out everything. But, as I said - it'd been remotely wiped. No marks, traces, no semblance of a human or artificial touch to it.

Bodies start dropping. Damian, Omega's resident wisecrack, the man who found Ackerson's BB, was shot in the head in a bar on Obsidian Orbital. Witnesses say they saw someone in a cloak walk up to him, drew a handgun, and did him point blank. Dude was so pissed out of his mind, he never saw it coming. Miller was the next one to go. Reportedly a fuel scooping gone wrong in the Aries Dark sector. No escape pod fitted, of course. So all that Chase found was a few parts from his bumper, fluffy dice, and a litre of blood soaking the whole thing. Chase and his slicers were next. Found complete psychotic wandering around one of the relic sites. 5 minutes of Oxygen left. Didn't save them in the end - they massacred the crew of a friend in the armada. They were flying a Dee-Bee-Ex - callsign Arboghast. I had it delivered to Nervi to have our tech-com members look it over. Same thing again. Black box wiped remotely. They scanned a ship going by the title DL MAR 01, an Anaconda. Chase's Anaconda.



1345: PM - CMDR David Jensen (UNREGISTERED) to CMDR Jack Bryant
"Jack, it's David. I haven't got long to explain, so I'm sending a file to your IX455. It'll go over everything you need to know, at least for now. As for the rest, the ball is in your court. Someone's killing off Commandos, at least the ones that get too close to Ackerson's investigation."
1345: PM - CMDR Jack Bryant to CMDR David Jensen (UNREGISTERED)
"You all good Dave? I can send a sortie to your location if you need an extract. I'd rather not lose another pod brother."
1346: PM - CMDR David Jensen (UNREGISTERED) to CMDR Jack Bryant
"It's too late for that. Take care of yourself, Delta. I'll see you on the other side, but hopefully not for a while."
1347: Communications lost with CMDR David Jensen (UNREGISTERED). Signal failure upon reconnection.
PFS Point of No Return interdicted while transporting medical supplies to Nervi - Savitskaya Vision.
1347: PONR mass-locked, EMP chaff deployed. EMP chaff failed. Ships unable to be identified. Markings indicate possible Pirate vessels however no ID tags return on ping.
1348: Ships identified. DL MAR 01. Anaconda.  ZP POE 04. Adder. Engines disabled by DL MAR 01.
1348: Enemy combatants identified upon entry to airlock via Adder. Power disabled by Helm.
1350: Gunfire detected in Hangar Bay 01. 10 combatants marked by REMLOK Targeting Assist.
1350: 4 combatants KIA. 6 remain, manning PONR Scarab 01 to engage Commander.
1351: Airlock breached.
1351: 1 life sign detected in Hangar Bay 01. No combatant life signs detected.
1351: Power enabled on PONR. Unlatching ZP POE 04 from PONR.
1352: Adder ZP POE 04 manually detached from PONR.
1356: Adder ZP POE 04 attaches to DL MAR 01.
1357: 2 targets marked by REMLOK TA.
1357: 2 targets KIA.
1400: 3 targets subdued in Helm. Transferred to PONR, DL MAR 01 left adrift near Nervi 2-A
1410: IPA ship signature detected.
1410: PM - Audio transcription engaged. Voice comms detected between CMDR Jack Bryant and CMDR Kale Regan.
"We've got some big fucking problems headed our way, Kale. Can you contact TECH-COM and have them send a salvage crew here?"
"Yeah, we have big problems. Including you, that's one more IPA ship interdicted by this 'Conda."
"Who was the first to be engaged by MAR 01?"
"Johnny Dincha, Flight 02. We recovered his escape pod just under two hours ago. We assumed it was just another HAZRES engagement gone bad, but he spilled after we woke him back up. They'd interrogated the shit out of him, he wasn't even aware that he was out of the pod, in a sensory meaning. They made him take some form of drug. Like that shit the Alliance supposedly has.
"Get these assholes into the brig back at Savits'. We have a lot of questions for them."
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Squadron info

Name: Independent Pilot's Armada
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Vikingblood212'
    Members: 56
    Ships: 168
    Supporters: 4
    Squadron age: 1066 days

    In coalition with: