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Lysolx / 27 Sep 3303
25 Sept. 3303

I've been in Wu Guinagi for some days now helping with the war effort here. They are in full Civil War and it isn't pretty. Entire fleets destroying each other trying to bring the System back under order. I have not seen destruction and loss of life of this sort in a long time. I've just about had my fill of death for one day.

I just got a message over the net that A. Lavigny-Duval has promoted me to Duke. She wants all available personnel to head back to the bubble so the Empire is ready for any Thargoid incursions into our territory.

I thought the Feds were bad enough, now I get to deal with Hostile Aliens. Great.
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Squadron info

Name: Screaming Eagles
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: MesaFalcon
    Members: 17
    Ships: 357
    Supporters: 7
    Squadron age: 1083 days
    Headquarters: Kurughnaye
    Minor faction: Screaming Eagles

    In coalition with: