Freeman D Lowell / 17 Nov 3305
Heart & Soul

Commander's Log. Following a busy few days making cargo runs to ensure the bank balance was a little healthier, I found myself getting a call to explore the void.   I'm currently a few hundred light years from home - basically wherever I park my flagship Vendetta - and I've left behind the monotonous...

Freeman D Lowell / 07 Oct 3305
Drifting in a sea of stars.

Commanders Log. I'm currently on board the Thunderchild, making a few upgrades before rejoining a Terran Colonial Forces wing to support an independent faction.   My ship is currently drifting, down to minimal fuel, awaiting support.  Unfortunately, without an escort to Deciat for power plant upgrade,...

Bruca / 03 Oct 3305
Outcast crew (part 2 "Phoenix")

The holo sign of the lounge bar at the Eotienses A 3 station was covered with a web of cracks making it impossible to decipher the original content. As I walked through the sumptuous imperial streets overflowing with greed, I was forced to suppress a conato of vomit due not so much to the smell of urine...

Bruca / 30 Sep 3305
Outcast crew

This fucking cockpit is a mess, I keep filling empty spaces with all sorts of garbage but it certainly does not help me to feel less alone, what will I do, I will choke in my clutter? By now the decision is made, I have already bought the necessary modules, no more loneliness, the space is already quite...

Freeman D Lowell / 03 Jan 3305
A dish best served cold

CMDR F D Lowell's Log: First entry. I looked at the date when I docked my Beluga in Sothis to rename her (from Sothis is Christmas).  It's been almost five years since the Empire attacked our freighter Ganges and took out Marcus; my best friend, co-pilot and business partner.  With a single rail gun...

Psimek / 25 Apr 3304
Learning Curve

I didn't make it to Ross 310 in the end, after taking on some missions around Gateway I had contact from the Terran Colonial Forces wing Cmdr 301ST.TCF CRASHBX who informed me of a ongoing war with a Federation faction in BD+47 2112. I decided to seize the opportunity to get involved and made the short...

Psimek / 30 Mar 3304
Supporting the Alliance

My research on the meta alloys has informed me that they are a Thargoid material found in Merope and its surrounding systems in the far off Pleiades Nebula. This would be a very long journey with my current jump range but fortunately I found information pointing me to Fraser Orbital in the much closer...

Psimek / 10 Mar 3304
Arrival at Farseer

I've arrived at Farseer station after my week long journey from Eranin, I felt an excited sense of curiosity as I approached the station perched on the edge of a canyon. My few planetary landings have yet to bring me to such a location so the vista before me was new to my eyes. After spending some time...

Kaloonzu / 11 Sep 3303
The Return Home

15 months. 15 months since I'd seen the lights of Azeban. 15 months since Soph had been killed. I've been in the black 15 months, hunting the monster that violated and murdered her. 15 months of living with the fact that in seeking justice for her, I pulverized his ship and crew from orbit,...

John 'crashbx' Kelbor / 26 Jun 3302
War in BD+47 2112

War has been raginig for weeks now and we are calling for all Alliance combat ready pilots to come join us in this struggle, for more information contact us and we will enroll you int our forces...
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Squadron info

Name: 1st TCTF Joint Squadron
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Edmund Mahon
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRoleplayRelaxed/casualDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PC1st Terran Colonial Task Force [TCTF]

Squadron commander: John 'crashbx' Kelbor
Members: 72
Ships: 489
Supporters: 17
Squadron age: 1628 days
Headquarters: Eranin [Azeban City]
Minor faction: Terran Colonial Forces
Supporting: Lave Fortune Organisation
Supporting: Turner Research Group

In coalition with: