U5mcrule5 / 04 Jan 3306
Successful Mission

It started off as a normal day, spent my time doing ship maintenance waiting for my comm link to buzz indicating I have a mission. I don't know maybe a few hours after I went through my maintenance as I relaxed on my bunk a very scrambled transmission came through and it was hard to tell what they were...

StoneSoul / 14 Dec 3305
Personal Log #1

Ah its been a good week of wet work for some local corps having a little disagreements as of late. Fine by me sense there is not shortage of jobs to be had. Well I got to lay low on my kill jobs, ended up docking up at Atlmans Progress looking at some good old fashion smuggling. As for smuggling jobs...

Elderrook / 02 Oct 3305
On the Road Again

It's late evening galactic standard time. I'm sitting in my private suite aboard the Jurassic in a previously unexplored system approximately halfway between 'the bubble ' and Colonia. Although that puts us ten thousand light years from Sol, we've already traveled over seventeen thousand light years...

Elderrook / 20 Sep 3305
Time For a Change

I have some downtime on my hands this evening. I'm sitting here in my office on the top floor of my building staring out the window at the starship traffic. Jameson Memorial orbital sure gets a lot of visitors. Most of the last few days have been spent managing my company. There's so many details...

Elderrook / 10 Sep 3305
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The new Beluga Liner has been a great addition to the ElderRook LLC fleet, generating a steady income of credits since first going into service. I've established a regular route that seems to be popular with a variety of tourists. It passes through the Robigo system, stopping off at Hauser's Reach. The...

Elderrook / 09 Sep 3305
The Gathering Storm

There's been a lot of activity at ElderRook LLC recently. It seems as though most of my time has been spent sitting behind my desk instead of sitting in the cockpit, but it's certainly paying off in a big way. We reached a huge milestone this week. Our company assets have surpassed a billion credits....

Elderrook / 17 Aug 3305
Black Ops

I have to say, Faulcon deLacy certainly knows how to build an impressive ship. The Anaconda-class frigate is a remarkably versatile design. The Ordinator had been modified quite heavily by the time I acquired her and I never really got a sense as to what she'd been like when new. Even so, that ship has...

Elderrook / 07 Aug 3305
Open Season

A lot has happened in the last few months. We've been pretty hectic at ElderRook LLC. I'm still waiting on the insurance money from the Remander. I've had our lawyer draft a letter informing them that we're going to start charging them for interest if we don't receive a voucher soon. I'm prepared to...

Elderrook / 02 Aug 3305
Decisions, Decisions...

Tragedy struck today when I received the news that the Remander, my Python-class mining ship was destroyed. The crew had been deep core mining out in the Gliese 9407 system when a trio of raiders struck. Instead of acquiescing to their demands, the crew tried to make a run for it. The ship was destroyed...

Elderrook / 01 Aug 3305
Second Chances

Sometimes things happen that absolutely amaze me. That's saying something when you consider the fact that I've been to the center of the galaxy and back. I've seen some strange things in my travels. Yet, nothing could have prepared me for the fallout from Count Stuller's trial and execution. My family...
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Squadron info

Name: Nexus Union
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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In-game squadron name:
  • PCNexus union [Nx01]
  • XBoxNexus Union [NU01]

Squadron commander: KingPwn33r
Members: 371
Ships: 1261
Supporters: 21
Squadron age: 1157 days

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