Eviljackcarver / 08 Oct 3305
Trader's log - 8.Oct 3305

8th October 3305— Been trying to get back behind the helm of Hera's Dream, look into hauling a bit more cargo. I've kitted her out to be able to hold a little over 700 tonnes, give or take. I could probably get her to hold more, but then I'd have to look into ditching my shield generator or my auto-dock...

Dadinacactus / 12 Jul 3304
Weapons Experimentation.

Doing some weapons testing and putting the Krait through it's paces at the same time. So far impressive; an FDL alternative that can actually jump somewhere. Ran all fixed MCs on it for a few days, all overcharged except for one with high cap mags and corrosive shells for the extra armor hit. Other medium...

Dadinacactus / 04 Jan 3303
January 3303 :Atilla Refit

New year means new things. Seeing as the current setup of Fedvette 'Atilla' is showing its downsides, and with an ever increasing option of mods at engineers, I have decided to once again alter the weapons loadout for Atilla. My main concern with the current setup is heat generation, as being hit...

Alissa Klein / 02 Jan 3303

3033.1.1.1723.35 Fresh out of the bay, and I already have my first ship! It's a bit bulky, but she'll do. I haven't thought of a name yet, but I'm sure we'll do just fine. I received a transmission that I could pick up a nice fifty kay just for showing up at a nearby star system. ERR 0x002F895C:...

BaseKillerWolf / 04 Oct 3302
Questionable Cargo - Part 1

“Commander BaseKillerWolf- The Party of Yoru has delivered a sterling recommendation to me on behalf of your accomplishments. After careful analysis of your techniques and deeds, I think it would be beneficial were our paths to cross. Please procure twenty-five (25) units of Xihe Biomorphic Companions...

BaseKillerWolf / 14 Jul 3302
The Journey to Jaques Station

///Archive 1: July 3 3302 Apparently, someone out there managed to find Jaques station. To be honest, I wasn’t sure he was going to make it after I saw his station appear on Galnet’s “Busted Stations” news article. Well, he’s a tough ol’ cyborg (is that even the right word to use?) so I figured he...

BaseKillerWolf / 30 Jun 3302
Another Productive Week

///Archived Log Date: June 27 3302 This week has been productive over the past few days, to say the least. Took Niriand to Daramo to help the Federation’s power struggle. From what I've gathered, the Imps were getting stomped right out of the gate, since the Feds called in every available resource...

Dadinacactus / 13 Jun 3302
Status Report: June 12, 2016

After making nearly 200m credits in the span of 48 hours, and with previous assets totalling nearly 370 million credits, I have fully outfitted the Federal Corvette "Atilla" to my standards; the heavy composite armor, hull reinforcements, and sizeable weapons battery should give pause to any...

BaseKillerWolf / 04 Jun 3302
Power Vacuum

It seems the galaxy has been spun on its head recently. Engineers pumping out weapon modifications, aggressive power factions, space traffic control… it's gotten to a point where wings are the standard method of travel. I recently had to drop my power alliance with Hudson. I still support the guy and...

Dadinacactus / 22 May 3302

Stopped at Pru Ain EK-R d4-103. NOTABLE SYSTEMS AND PLANETS Byua Euq II-A d14-18: A-class star surrounded by numerous class III gas giants, including two class IV giants, a brown dwarf, and a water giant. Byua Euq II-A d14-18 13: Water giant with an atmosphere of 98% water, 0.5% ammonia and 0.5%...
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Squadron info

Name: Furry Pilot Fleet
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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In-game squadron name:
  • PCARCs Warden Offworld Operations [AWOO]

Squadron commander: JamesTheFox (Alt)
Members: 118
Ships: 739
Supporters: 32
Squadron age: 1050 days

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