BiancaVolpe / 15 Feb 3305
Bianca's Diary - 3 - Back to the Bubble

I explored. I explored for more than a week. But in the end, loneliness got me. I made a visit to my parents at Station X, then I got back to the bubble. At least the trip was well worth it - I earned more than 300 million credits. A lot of planets and systems have my name on them - even some earth-like...

BiancaVolpe / 04 Feb 3305
Bianca's Diary - 2 - First Crash

I bid farewell to the nice couple - their names Ashlyn and Dumat. They looked sad, but I couldn't stay with them forever. I left behind Cupid's Arrow and resumed my journey through the stars. I've reached system S171 5 where I found a lot of planets brimming with life! Exceptional! I decided to land...

BiancaVolpe / 03 Feb 3305
Bianca's Dairy - 1 - Far From Home

I'm done with humanity. I like exploring. I really like it. But maybe I wasn't meant to be an explorer, so I tried other routes. I've become quite rich and I've bought a Type-9 Heavy for trading. With still some money on hand, I started trading. The first few trips went fine and I've earnt some millions. But...

HipsterR2 / 30 Aug 3304
#011 - JOURNAL D'EXPLORATION #05 - 27-30/08/2018

CMDR HipsterR2 Logbook Day Five - Exploration Tour Back from holidays. Home miss me. Let's go back into the bubble. Exploration Tour Entry Five - BUBBLE NEBULA Oups, not this one... The human one... :p On the road again : Exploration Tour Entry Five - NGC NEBULA through A BLACK HOLE Exploration...

PLAMZ / 17 Aug 3304
HIP 44811 Metcalf Station Evacuation -02

Didn't bother with the coffee, got straight to work. the coffee can wait these poor souls can't. The desperation on their faces says it all. They want to leave. loaded the first lot of 47 Refuges into the ship and went straight out. Completed twos run and took 92 Refugees in total. Delivered them as...

HipsterR2 / 26 Jul 3304
#010 - JOURNAL D'EXPLORATION #04 - 25/07/2018

CMDR HipsterR2 Logbook Day Four : Exploration Tour Day Three - FORMIDINE RIFT BETA SITE Exploration Tour Day Three - FORMIDINE RIFT GAMMA SITE Exploration Tour Day Three - FORMIDINE RIFT DELTA SITE Exploration Tour Day Three - THE ZURARA Exploration Tour Day Three -...

HipsterR2 / 23 Jul 3304
#009 - JOURNAL D'EXPLORATION #03 - 23/07/2018

CMRD HipsterR2 Logbook Day Three : One another day on my NAUTILUS - THE SCOUT.  I will probably rename my ship... NAUTILUS - THE JUMPER suit him better. ^^ Exploration Tour Day Three - SOUL NEBULA, HEART NEBULA at the back Exploration Tour Day Three - HEART NEBULA, SOUL NEBULA to the right The...

HipsterR2 / 20 Jul 3304
#008 - JOURNAL D'EXPLORATION #02 - 20/07/2018

CMRD HipsterR2 Logbook Day Two : Après cette première journée d'explo à bord du NAUTILUS - THE SCOUT, j'ai pu trouver un trouver un abris pour faire un check up de mon NAUTILUS,pour me reposer et reprendre des forces  et enfin lâcher le manche. Pour mieux repartir par la suite: Suite du...

HipsterR2 / 20 Jul 3304
#007 - JOURNAL D'EXPLORATION #01 - 18-19/07/2018

- JOURNAL D'EXPLORATION #01 CMDR HIPSTERR2 ENTREE #01 - Enfin parti. J'avais un étrange sentiment mêlé de peur et d'excitation. NAUTILUS - THE SCOUT a été inspecté dans tout les détails plusieurs fois d'affilés pour être sur de ne rien oublier et de ne pas être pris au dépourvu lors de mon exploration. Je...

HipsterR2 / 18 Jul 3304

Chers confrères, chères consœurs, Je vais devoir mettre un peu de côté ma mission auprès de Medicorp. En effet, j’ai l’envie et le besoin d’aller explorer notre belle galaxie. J’ai besoin de me retrouver seul dans cette immensité, me sentir tout petit, en prendre plein les yeux. Ca faisait un moment...
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Squadron info

MediCorp, The Original, EST. May 3302. Quoi que vous fassiez, qui que vous soyez, nous viendrons à votre secours. Whatever you do, whoever you are, we shall come to the rescue.

Name: MediCorp [WA]
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: French


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: aymerix
    Members: 49
    Ships: 327
    Supporters: 24
    Squadron age: 756 days
    Headquarters: Kalak
    Minor faction: MediCorp

    In coalition with: