Evgeniya Asimova / 11 Sep 3303
Online Evi

Evgeniya acted as patrouilleur, flying high above the misty grey ring and scanning all the ships in the area. Her ship was the fastest in the wing. She could quickly scan all the ships, and retreat if she had to. The mining site was several thousand kilometres around, and leaked pirates from all directions....

Evgeniya Asimova / 06 Sep 3303

Evgeniya arrived in Can Qing and piloted toward William Sargeant Hub. The space-station was dark, an infernal mill spinning in space like the top of a pepper grinder, huge and durable and adamantine. It was a blotch on the pure landscape of space, yet magnificent too. Her ship straightened its course...

Evgeniya Asimova / 08 Aug 3303
A Fever of Herself

When she came to, Evgeniya felt sick and dizzy, as if she was waking in the middle of the night after a heavy drinking session. Her mouth was dry and her ship was stopped dead in space. She was in the middle of nowhere. She was not in any solar system, just somewhere in the reaches of the Pleiades, light...

Evgeniya Asimova / 06 Aug 3303
Close Encounter

“What the hell are you doing out here?” “Looking for something, girlie.” A deep laugh came through the channel and made Evgeniya shake her head with disgust, while her eyes remained fixed on the dashboard and the view through her canopy. Her handsome face was distorted as she wrinkled her nose. “But...

Evgeniya Asimova / 03 Aug 3303
Tight Rope

The two suns wandered millions of years in their gravitic embrace, in a loving swirl of secret communion, unaware of humans and our petty ambitions, illuminating the darkness of space, irradiating a romance whose scale we cannot comprehend. In compact rotation, the larger – living, glowing, orange –...

Evgeniya Asimova / 31 Jul 3303
2,568.66 light-years from home

The silver fins on Evgeniya's hull glinted in the raw brilliance as the ship swivelled and drew away from the gravitational swell of the system's sun. Evgeniya was the first person ever to have seen that sun, the first to have ever felt its gravity. As she passed over the nearby asteroid belt, accelerating...

Evgeniya Asimova / 14 Jun 3303
The Sisters

The Keep was a mess when Evgeniya went inside. At first she wandered if the place had been found by some pirates who had robbed some of her stuff, but she could see no sign of any forced entry. The only entrance was through a blast-door, which was still intact, and the alarms were all still set. Evgeniya...

Evgeniya Asimova / 07 Jun 3303
Heading for the Keep

It was in HIP 63835, under the lustrous sapphire glow of the immense star, in the mouldering wreck of the ancient exploration vessel, that Evgeniya found the unique Euphorbia crystal. Yes it was there, as if by Fate's decree, that she found it. On which far-flung planet the crystal had grown in by-gone...

Evgeniya Asimova / 25 May 3303
Evgeniya travels to HIP 63835 with Countess Ganeva

“Shit!” said Asimova. A huge burning white disc filled the view through the canopy. She cut the thrusters. The ship was still creaking as it came out of the jump. It soon came to a near-stop. They were still slowly falling toward the sun, but at such a relatively low speed that there was no immediate...

Squadron info

Name: Radiant Incorporated
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERelaxed/casualFamily/mixedOpenPrivate groupSoloExplorersFaction supportersMinersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • XBoxRadiant Incorporated [RDIC]

Squadron commander: Captain Redeye
Members: 10
Ships: 63
Supporters: 6
Squadron age: 930 days

In coalition with: