MUTT0N DAGGER / 01 Jul 3305

CMDR MUTT0N DAGGER. Serving Lieutenant LNF-1 Wing. Leviathan Scout Regiment. Since my last entry I've managed to achieve two things. The Toolfan Shaman came through with the goods, completely curing my Dvosian Death Clap, which was cause for celebration! The second achievement involved some delightful...

MaddMedicZ / 21 Jun 3305
The Squad Life Continued

CMDR LOG #2-2: 21 Jun, 3305 The war is going strong in the nearby system. We've decided to expand our influence into a nearby region of space. More assets are better than fewer. In the law of space, if you're not conquering your are being conquered. We've taken shifts wading into the combat zones....

Maverick 118 / 16 Jun 3305
Logbook entry 002

Ok, this is official, I'm heading to the Paedalis Nebula to the Maia system to get Meta-Alloys. This will be the first time I'm going this far out from the "Bubble" as everyone calls it, away from the core systems and into deep space. It's not the distance that is scaring me, it's the Thargoids....

MaddMedicZ / 11 Jun 3305
The Squad Life

CMDR LOG #2-1: 11 June, 3305 Word of my deeds must have gotten around because I recently received a short beam transmission from the Leviathan Scout Regiment requesting my services. After some consideration I agreed to join up with them. I was starting to get a little stale with all the bounty hunting...

MaddMedicZ / 29 May 3305
First journey to Sagittarius A*

CMDR LOG #1-6: 29 May, 3305 I did it. I hit Colonia last week. Unfortunately due to some FSD issues CMDR HMM264DOC never made the rendezvous. As for me I kept the dream alive. Data dumped in Colonia just in case, then pushed on to Sagittarius A*. And lordy what a site to behold. The supermassive black...

Virtus Vrtra / 27 May 3305
Aces High

Virtus slid out from underneath his battered Viper “Mötorhead” and took a deep breath. “I guess that’ll have to do” he sighed, wiping the grease from his hands with a nearby rag. Although he was slated to win the final round, a sense of dread occupied a corner of his mind. Despite the rigorous testing...

Blackwild85 / 25 May 3305

Still have some work to do on my Krait for those Thargoids.  Also bought an Alliance Challenger.  Been told the beast, along with it's little brother the Chieftain, were built mainly to fight Thargoids.  Gotta test that beast. So I went to Kuk to meet with an engineer, Selene Jean they call her.  As...

MaddMedicZ / 22 May 3305
First journey to Sagittarius A*

CMDR LOG #1-5: 22 May, 3305 Been trudging through this journey for a few days now. Even though I do find exploration fascinating, I've been catching my mind wonder to purchasing my next ship. I'm dead set on getting another Fer-de-lance. I loved my first one. Down hunting bounties in the Haz-Rez sites...

Virtus Vrtra / 21 May 3305
Viper Pit Interview

How did you prepare for the tournament? Ship prep was easy, I had multiple project ships in development to act as donors, it was just a matter of putting them together. Mental prep was just like any other fight. Deep breaths and create calm. Keep a clear mind, and let the training do its job Why...

MaddMedicZ / 21 May 3305
First journey to Sagittarius A*

CMDR LOG #1-4: 20 May, 3305 Where to start. After trekking nearly 8k LYS into the blackness of space, I crashed my Anaconda. Not like I bumped the surface of a planet and took damage to my hull. No, I tried to land on a high gravity planet to mine some raw minerals. With thrusters at full throttle...
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Squadron info

Name: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPCQCRoleplayDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PS4Leviathan Scout Regiment [LPS4]
  • XBoxLeviathan Scout Regiment [LSRX]
  • PCLeviathan Scout Regiment [LPCS]

Squadron commander: XxHyde840xX
Members: 235
Ships: 1556
Supporters: 25
Squadron age: 870 days
Headquarters: Diabak [Bridges Survey]
Minor faction: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Supporting: Spearhead Charter
Supporting: Ryders of the Void

In coalition with: