GruntyxKittenXD / 15 Feb 3305
Taking a break.

I've spent two years out in the black and it's time i get out of the chair for a bit. I've seen many things in those years. Some are good others...well let's say somethings I still wish i could forget. I'll be spending my down time in Muth at Gutierrez Hub. My ship the Perilous Phantom is gonna collect...

XeroSanctity / 01 Sep 3304
September 1, 3304 A Harrowing Welcome-Back

Local: Fire Fade; Deciat Activity: Engineering drives Current Ship: Python designate XS Colubrid; Imperial Courier designate XS Vega Encounter: Science Vessel; Cargo Barge; Thargoid Cyclops Let me start this one off with a little behind-the-scenes. I got my Pilot's license near two years ago. Space...

Grubuloid / 15 Jul 3304
Commander's Log: July 15th 3304: Thoughts of Conspiracy

I dont make logs like this very often, but i just wanted to briefly vent out a couple concerns i had after tuning into galnet. I dont usally rant about conspiracies much, but i thought i needed to put this out there. First off, im very worried about Princess Aisling's wedding. There are alot of people...

Skillman412 / 02 Apr 3304
Hills and Valleys

    A creaky bulkhead stirred him from his light slumber. He took a deep breath as the machine that helped him breathe whirred it self out of rest mode and began to make the noise that indicated it's patient was up. The only parts of his body he was freely able to move was his eyelids, eyeballs and neck....

Sloan4prez / 01 Feb 3304
The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves Pt. 1

I just had an interesting conversation with CMDR Pieguy1177. Funny, the things you get to learn about your colleagues, when you spend some time shooting pool with them instead of dodging multicannon bullets... As it turns out, the tragic events from a few  weeks ago which lead to the untimely death of...

AgentHaxx / 31 Jan 3304
Bounty hunters Pt.1

AgentHax was casually punching in the coordinates for Rennie station, he was going up to check the shipyard for a new transport ship. He was using his old ship, an eagle called the falcon, so he could properly register it as an LSR ship. As he sat in the ship a wave a nostalgia hit him like a brick....

VandalAxis / 17 Jan 3304
Vandal's Log; Second Entry

Damn Sonia. She didn't tell me that these logs were open to the Pilots Federation. I make a fool enough of myself, I really didn't need any help. Course, she just responded with something akin to 'That's no excuse Vandal.' So now I'm sitting here at Obsidian Orbital's very own rescue ship just hoping...

AgentHaxx / 16 Jan 3304
LSR Log 1: Luck

The spark was gone, CMDR AgentHaxx had lost all he had. His family destroyed by bad luck, HIS bad luck. His last living relative, his daughter had been killed out in nowhere space. She was ambushed, although she fought off all of the pirates she took severe damage to her ship. Her reactor blew when she...

Sloan4prez / 16 Jan 3304
Muses Silenced

With tired eyes, a tired mind and a tired heart I finally make it back to Atropos after a long, grimy day of klaxons blaring, sparks flying, servo grease and conduit coolant spraying on the bridge of the Sally Clarke as we gather the fine people of Reed's Rest in their escape pods and whatever little...

VandalAxis / 14 Jan 3304
Vandal's Log; First Entry

Balls. I don't even know how to use one of these. Never really had the option to, was always busy making cred. The Xeno ruined all that. Balls, not the cred making. They ruined the peace. See, I don't know how to use this and no one really wants to read anything that isn't dramatically dreadful. Only...
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Squadron info

Name: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPCQCRoleplayDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PS4Leviathan Scout Regiment [LPS4]
  • XBoxLeviathan Scout Regiment [LSRX]
  • PCLeviathan Scout Regiment [LPCS]

Squadron commander: XxHyde840xX
Members: 179
Ships: 1199
Supporters: 18
Squadron age: 722 days
Headquarters: Diabak [Bridges Survey]
Minor faction: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Supporting: Spearhead Charter
Supporting: Ryders of the Void

In coalition with: