Logbook entry

VandalAxis / 14 Jan 3304
Vandal's Log; First Entry

I don't even know how to use one of these. Never really had the option to, was always busy making cred. The Xeno ruined all that.
Balls, not the cred making. They ruined the peace. See, I don't know how to use this and no one really wants to read anything that isn't dramatically dreadful. Only the dreadful gets the Galnet photo op. Either dreadfully boring news about superpowers and their systems or dreadful stories of xeno attacks.
Damn xeno. Don't they know we wont suffer sharing with another race? Don't they know we were actually busy fighting each other for those very same meta alloys when they showed up in the first place? Anything that has actually watched us for any length of time should know by now that we hate each other too.
That shouldn't make me chuckle but it's honestly funny. Or was until the xeno started hitting stations and Sonia started making me use this damn logbook.
Nag nag nag. Always with the 'Record that Vandal. Make sure someone knows our story when you get us both killed.'
Bah. 44 insurance claims and still kicking. Got enough ore and scrap metal in my past to make a thousand ships. She don't know that really though. Picked her up at Garrett over in Frey. She was just a kid, I couldn't say no at 5%. She knew I had been a miner, but these days few would believe a miner would be flying an Anaconda. The simple daily grind of a miner was just that to most people. Simple. Of course, a lot of simple folk run Frey. C&S mining did some great things for the system, and their cred accounts.
The Anaconda, 'Vandal Star' I call her, gave me the legs I needed to be able to see more that was out there in the bubble. Still makes me smile taking to the bubble, and a good chunk beyond, in a Conda. Felt like a really big turtle stretching my neck out into a cosmic ocean for the first time.
Got to see that C&S was taking advantage of those pristine rings in Frey. And we were all just too bumpkin to actually see it. Still makes me sick to think I ever sold a single tonne of painite for less than 60k.
Of course, it was my Star's legs that finally allowed me to build. Got me out of the bubble too. Felicity made sure that the Star could go the distance. Folks even in Frey paid huge sums of credits to see something of the deep. Black holes drew the most it seemed like. Didn't matter to me. Fit the Star up with a trio of large passenger cabins. Eventually got my hands on a class 7 fuel scoop too. Big money while I explored the bubble and looked for a system that would pay endeavors what they were worth.
Found that system about when the pilots federation recognized my efforts with a shiny 'Elite' explorer badge to go on my identification card.
G-203-47. Sonia threw a fit when I declared it. Said the name of the system didn't sound like a good place to start our business. Hell, she has a point. Doesn't even sound like a place at all when you read the numbers out loud. But there you have it. I had visited Ride gateway before. Loaded full of visitors from all parts. Close to Sol, wealthy and perhaps most importantly, home of the 17th Federal Fleet.
I felt I needed to do something about the xeno. Still feel that way. But things got a bit complicated.
Tons of cred on hand and I could spend as much as I wanted at Jameson Memorial. Magical place really. A regular gear head's Christmas town.
Course, you get to see the underbelly of our kind in a place like Jameson. Might get strafed by a condor on your way through the slot. Might catch some tool testing out their new torpedo too. (True story)
Oh yeah, and the 17th turned out to be a damned wash. Whole fleet set up in a planetary outpost with pads barely big enough to land the Star. Pride of the Federation my ass. Those Empire folks are least organised and mobilized. The 17th is trading bio waste to survive.
Depressing though the 17th was, Ride Gateway was too good to be passed up on. I set up shop. Took Sonia with me too, though there are certainly moments where I regret that. They say you need an X-O, but seriously. Eating habits and now a diary? Rationing the scotch wasn't enough, now I have to pen my thoughts like a 17 year old girl?
Whatever. It may come in handy to review some thoughts later and she is getting to be quite the condor pilot. (At half the price of her rank no less!) So I keep her around and humor her a bit.
But the wheel keeps turning. Everything moves on at the same time. Fitted a Beluga, Type 9 and an Asp (for those missions that can't be logged, you know.)
Course, while I was busy making my mark, the xeno kept happening. Stations, gear hunts and even bounties now. The Feds and Emps haven't cooled their aggression, they've just turned it on the xeno. So what another wretched surprise, we didn't crush the xeno. Should be all over the Galnet, but it's not. Someone's feelings I'm sure.
So now we're off to take our enterprise and find some people that are actually getting some things done. We just don't know where folks like that would be at, or if they even exist.
Do you like it?