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AgentHaxx / 16 Jan 3304
LSR Log 1: Luck

The spark was gone, CMDR AgentHaxx had lost all he had. His family destroyed by bad luck, HIS bad luck. His last living relative, his daughter had been killed out in nowhere space. She was ambushed, although she fought off all of the pirates she took severe damage to her ship. Her reactor blew when she fired her last bullet. He was now alone in the universe, no one to love. He always had bad luck, he tested it when he got married, he tested it when he had a daughter, both tests failed. His wife died giving birth to his now passed daughter. In one final move of bad luck he bet all of his belongings to a rich man at a bar. He lost the bet.

With nothing left to his name the CMDR toke to a life of crime. He stole his belongings back, but he wasn’t happy he quit stealing and tried getting good at forgery, in another stroke of bad luck he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was caught. He placed one last bet on another theft. He broke out of his cuffs and ran. He jumped in the first ship he could find, an old sidewinder called the oblivion, and punched in random coordinates. The ship went flying out of the dock, slammed into the side of the mailbox and went spiraling out of control. The FDS turned on and he went flying into the unknown.

He woke up, not sure if it had been hours or days since he was knocked unconscious by a loose panel that went flying off when he jumped. The sounds of alarms going off was just barely enough to wake him up. Just then a fleet of ships came flying past, only one split off to go look at the wreckage that was the oblivion. He recognized the markings on the ship. It was an old friend of his. AgentHaxx was almost positive that someone had killed his friend and stolen his ship, it would make sense with his bad luck. He heard his coms crackle to life followed by white noise. Suddenly he heard a jumbled voice of the radio, he could barely make out the words, “Hello ***** , is th** yo*”

He looked under the panel and looked at the mess of wires and computer parts. Luckily the only problem was the wires not being new. He twisted the around until he got to the best sound possible. Right then he realized something, he recognized the voice, It was his friend! He asked “How did you know I was in this ship?” “They put a bounty on your head a few days ago, for the theft of one sidewinder” “Thank goodness your here I really need help” “No kid*i**” “What, your cutting out” the radio was completely fried, all he could hear was a jumbled up mess. Suddenly the fleet he was traveling with stopped and one of the larger ships turned around and headed towards them. He looked up at his friends ship. He was signaling something, he couldn’t make out just what though. He pointed behind him and he saw an helmet sitting on the floor, he picked it up and put it on. He looked back up and his friend gave him a thumbs up

The bigger ship pulled up and send out 2 repair limpets. They worked on the engines of the ship for about 10 minuets and another 5 on internal components. Then the speaker came back on, much louder and clearer than before. This voice he didn’t recognize. “Follow us, we’ll drop you off at the closest dock” the ship turned around and one last thing came through the speakers “At least one that your not wanted at.”

They traveled for about half a day and docked at the hub. “Welcome to Daibak, there’s some pretty nice factions around here. I would recommend joining one so another situation like that doesn’t occur”

And just like that he was alone again. He went to the bar and looked at all the factions in the area. Only one stood out to him. “Leviathan Scout regiment” He singed up and through some stroke of luck he was accepted.

He walked to the mangled mess of his ship and uttered only a few words “Guess it’s my lucky day”
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