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AgentHaxx / 31 Jan 3304
Bounty hunters Pt.1

AgentHax was casually punching in the coordinates for Rennie station, he was going up to check the shipyard for a new transport ship. He was using his old ship, an eagle called the falcon, so he could properly register it as an LSR ship. As he sat in the ship a wave a nostalgia hit him like a brick. He heard the ground crew detaching the fuel pump, he turned on the engines and started his preflight check. He didn’t normally do one but it was an old ship and he was required to made sure it still worked properly. Over the coms he heard one of his friends.

“Good luck Hax”

“If only I had such a thing”

His ship was sent back to the surface. As he was raised up he almost instantaneously got lost in thought. He took off and swiftly sped off twords Rennie. As he flew bridges survey quickly faded into the distance. The actual flight was quite silent as he flew out of the atmosphere. He thought to himself about all of the things that happened to him recently. He looked at the old material of his ship and remained silent. The ship wasn’t technically his anymore, it was one of the many things he bet off, and stole back. He still got messages from the old man telling to return the ship for minimal consequences. He wanted to send a message back to F off but that would only make the situation worse. He was brought back to conscious when he saw the red light blinking


He pulled back on the throttle and dropped out of super cruise. He flew straight into the dock and landed at bay 42. As he walked out of his ship and into the hallway for a quick snack he remembered he didn’t put his helmet on. He quickly spun around and sprinted back to his ship. As soon as the bay door opened there were three men with rifles all held to his face. He slowly put his hands up and turned around

“Walk” the tallest one barked

These three were obviously amateurs but he still had to be careful.

“So which bounty are you lookin' for”

Probably all of them Hax thought to himself.

“What kind of an idiotic question is that, all of them”

“Worth a shot” He thought to himself.

“Did you read what some of those bounty’s I’m wanted for? They’re pretty nasty” He gave a menacing grin

The two shorter ones looked at each other, obviously slightly scared. The hallway was getting crowded. The two short ones ran ahead and started clearing out the path they would take.

“Don’t try anything!”

“Wouldn’t take the chance” Hax replied lying through his teeth

He quickly looked down at the pistol sitting in his holster that the three somehow didn’t take. A rush waiter ran infront of them, Hax was forced to stop and ran into the hunter. He got his chance. In that instant he pulled down his arms and elbowed the hunters directly in the stomach. The spun around and kick him in the crotch and ran. He had to run at the other two since the hallway back was extremely crowded. As he ran passed them he heard shots fired at him and he pulled out his communicator and sent an SOS. As he ran down the now empty hallway. He knew that they heard the first sound of danger and ran. He sped down the hall way only occasionally looking back. He couldn’t see them anymore but he could hear them. He turned a corner and came to a dead stop. 4 extra bounty hunters all came around the corner. He recognized these ones, they had quite a big reputation he turned around and ran down another hallway. He heard the footsteps, he thought about taking out his gun. The LSR already had a bad reputation, so he just kept running. He realized that he had lapped the station. He read every bay door





“Got it” he yelled

He flew into the door closed it and shot the control panel. As he walked back to his ship he reloaded his gun and sank down onto the floor of the ramp. He let out a heavy sight and checked his watch, he had three rescue ships  headed his way. The door blasted open Before the dust cleared Hax ran up the ramp and hid in the cargo bay. He sent out another distress beacon, this time specifying that he was in bay 42, and then shut down all of his electronics. Including his eye. He waited for a few moments and then the door slid open.

“Where are ya, ya slippery bastard”

Hax held his breath and hoped. He heard each footstep clearly. He softly grabbed his gun.

“Hey get out of there, no-ones dumb enough do hide in the cargo bay”

“That’s why it’s the best place to hide” Hax thought. The brute walked back down the ramp and closed it. AgentHax let out a huge sigh. As he sat there in slight disbelief he wondered how long till the reinforcements came and he got his depth perception back. Gave himself a silent smack to the head for forgetting his helmet. All of the sudden he smacked himself on the head again and ran to the cockpit. As the door slid open he slammed the button and returned to the surface. He was unsure if they were wearing helmets now, he wasn’t planning on finding out either as he pressed launch and turned back on his eye. As he lifted off he heard a large slam to the back of his ship and the falcon was sent into a downward spiral.
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31 Jan 3304
Bounty hunters Pt.1
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