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Grubuloid / 15 Jul 3304
Commander's Log: July 15th 3304: Thoughts of Conspiracy

I dont make logs like this very often, but i just wanted to briefly vent out a couple concerns i had after tuning into galnet. I dont usally rant about conspiracies much, but i thought i needed to put this out there.

First off, im very worried about Princess Aisling's wedding. There are alot of people who hate the fact that she's marrying a fed, and i personally think that Aisling and Jordan have their own separate agendas behind all of this marriage BS. but my biggest concern out of all of this that apparently there's going to be ships (big and armed ships i might add) from both the inperial and federal navies, that will be floating around the site of the marriage, pulling security. And with all this terrorism thats been happening, im afraid that someone might attempt to start a conflict between all these ships, and subsequently start a war. There's alot of important people that will be at the wedding too, so it's the perfect place to snuff out many of them. They better have security as tight as it can be.

The other concern is who is the winner of that federal lottery? Sounds pretty fishy to me... I was thinking to myself: could it be Jordan Rochester trying to funnel federal credits directly to aisling duval? I'm definitely going to investigate into this possibility.

Another possibility is that the winner of the lottery is Jordan's youngest brother, (i forgot his name) the one with no title. I dont know... I feel as if it's just coincidence, but it all fits so perfectly...

Im going to contact some other commanders and see if i cant learn anything else about this shady stuff.

End Log
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