EpicH29 / 13 Jan 3304
Commander's log: Day :Undefined:

The black. It can consume you in ways unimaginable. I lost track of time somewhere between Polo Harbor and Colonia. I recall nothing of my arrival there, nor my time in the Colonia Nebula. I guess it was my fear of the dark, cold, unforgiving vacuum of space that grasped my mind and pulled me into the...

EpicH29 / 06 May 3303
Commander's log: Day eight

Week two - let's do this. I took off this afternoon at approximately 15:06 after a delay. Feeling quite lethargic, I decided to relax a little as I cross the field between Gagarian Gate and Polo Harbor - 4000 light years in total. I still haven't arrived at the penultimate stop to Colonia - I've been...

EpicH29 / 05 May 3303
Commander's log: Day seven

Exactly a week in the black, with only minuscule human interaction at the planetside docks and asteroid bases. It amazes me how far I've managed to travel in this time, considering that it takes people several months to reach my destination: Colonia, which I'm approximately 7000 light years away from....

EpicH29 / 04 May 3303
Commander's log: Day six

I haven't updated my logs in two days, since I began moving towards the Eagle Nebula. I'm 5000 light years away from there now, and approximately 12000 light years away from Sol. I'm halfway there. I stopped at Sacaqawea Space Port last night in the Skaudai AA-A H71 nebula, and I'm currently navigating...

EpicH29 / 01 May 3303
Commander's log: Day four

I made it to Attenborough's watch in the Lagoon Nebula today. However I didn't stay for long, as the urge to continue on is killing me. Therefore I only really stayed to restock my AFMU and fuel, and repair my hull before taking in the remarkable sights and setting course for the Omega Nebula, approximately...

EpicH29 / 29 Apr 3303
Commander's log: Day three

another 2000 light years traveled, another 2000 icy planets. No interesting bodies, save for one Earth-like and an ammonia world. For a while now, I've been considering turning back. With the recent news of the elusive Salomé's death, I decided that I would turn around to witness the events unfolding...

EpicH29 / 28 Apr 3303
Commander's log: Day two

I've been out of the bubble for around 24 hours now, and I've managed to cross approximately 2500 light-years in this time. With this being my longest planned trip as of yet, as I plan to head at least as far as 'rendezvous point', I was extremely hyped for some alone time aboard my Asp Explorer, Stargazer...

Squadron info

We here at Waylon Research strive to explore the depths of the endless void, where few dare to travel. We make it our mission to uncover the marvels and mysteries of distant worlds. Exploring new frontiers, discovering, and providing hope for all of man-kind.

Name: Waylon Research Corporation
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Partyboyky101
    Members: 28
    Ships: 132
    Supporters: 6
    Squadron age: 1009 days
    Headquarters: Andowa

    In coalition with: