Nullvektor / 03 Feb 3305
DW2: We're off!

And we're off! What was that old Earther saying? "Does it spark joy?" Well, gold-inlaid marble steps and recessed 5000k bioluminescent lighting in the engine bays certainly don't spark joy, despite what Saud Kruger's advertisements say. With all of the extraneous fittings stripped out of...

Nullvektor / 21 Jan 3305
To the Black in Green!

Waiting for everyone to show up out here is like trying to fix up your home before company comes over. At least, I assume everyone's going to be showing up here. Distant Worlds 2 may just skirt Colonia for all I know, and head straight for Sag A*. Maybe I've got time to check out that bar out in Shrogea,...

Nullvektor / 13 Jan 3305
From Colonia to Beagle Point

Being out here in Colonia, I've got a bit of a head start on the DW2 expedition. It's just a quick handful of jumps to Sagittarius A* for me, so I'm going to cool my heels for a few weeks while everyone else gets underway-- then I'll join up with them when they're close. After that, it's goodbye to Mobia...

Darshane / 12 Jan 3305
The great Mystery...

The Great Mystery oOo My name is Darshane. Behind this little far-off Colonial Empire just created, - I am so proud about it - exists a heart even darker than Sagittarius one and more numerous doubts than the myriad stars. Despite all the Mobius Colonial republic Navy help, the help of my master...

Nullvektor / 27 Nov 3304
Last trip before the overhaul

I've been hearing rumors here and there that Universal Cartographics is going to be unveiling and pushing a massive update to their planetary survey infrastructure. When, precisely, is still up in the air (or in zero G, in this case) so I'm going to take the Liu Shipei out for a quick look at some stellar...

Walkurt / 30 Apr 3304
Black holes, in colors / Los agujeros negros, en colores

Greetings commanders, so as not to make bored the return to the bubble from Sagittarius A, visit a couple of small but interesting nebulas that are on the way back, they are not very big, but the remarkable thing is that in both there was a black hole in its center, leaving beautiful views and interesting...

Walkurt / 27 Apr 3304
The return to deep space / El regreso al espacio profundo

Greetings, commanders. Due to a couple of problems with the reports of fines in the "civilized" space, I decided to venture back into an exploration adventure, traveling to the north side of the galaxy, and when I returned to the bubble, I finally visited the great "Sagittarius" A...

Ashirah / 07 Mar 3304
CMDR's Log 05: The Veil Nebula West

7 Mar 3304 CMDR's Log Woke up feeling so drowsy, stared out of the cockpit for a silent moment while I had my coffee. It was such a serene view.  An icy layer stretched across the horizon, illuminated by the star. Yet the sky was black, with only the view of the milky way and countless shimmering...

Walkurt / 06 Mar 3304
The whim of Palin Professor / Los caprichos del Profesor Palin

Good morning commanders, after more than a month of rest, I returned to sail the stellar routes, and as a first step, I decided to start visiting the various engineers who could improve even more my Anaconda. Today I had the difficult task of pleasing the wishes of Professor Palin (a very complicated...

Ashirah / 06 Mar 3304
CMDR's Log 04: The Journey to the Veil Nebula West

Finally made my way out of the bubble. After months of planning and outfitting my ship, the Starlight Glimmer, I finally up and left. Currently heading towards the Veil Nebula West, and then towards the Heart and Soul Nebula. Only around 19 more jumps until the Veil Nebula West. Hearing other pilots...
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Squadron info

Mobius in Colonia

Name: Mobius Colonial Republic Navy
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: McNicholl
    Members: 62
    Ships: 506
    Supporters: 49
    Squadron age: 691 days
    Headquarters: Mobia [Pedersen's Legacy]
    Minor faction: Mobius Colonial Republic Navy

    In coalition with: