Nullvektor / 17 May 3305
Formidine Excursion: P4 Final

An uneventful hike back from the EAFOTS sector to the Heart and Soul nebulas, then another uneventful hike back to Sothis. I've noticed a few quirks about the Cutter. It's real sluggish in supercruise. Even after ripping most of the extraneous junk out of this thing, it's still got far too much mass...

Nullvektor / 15 May 3305
Formidine Excursion: P3

Landed at Beta Site camp. This place has been pretty well picked over by previous visitors, but there's something here that tickled my curiosity. Indulge me. Near the entrance to the camp is an array of two towers. These are oriented NW and SE, with the corners of their square bases pointing in the...

Nullvektor / 14 May 3305
Formidine Excursion: P2

Made it to the Heart Nebula and spent my rest period at Farsight Expedition Base. Proceeded on to the Soul Nebula, and found this speedy little High Metal Content planet zipping around a K-class star. No anomalies or significant findings to report. MEC Eostre is a stable exploration vessel,...

Nullvektor / 12 May 3305
Formidine Excursion: P1

I'm overnighting at Gorgon Research Facility.  No matter where you go, you'll find Italian food. The local calzone went down well but isn't sitting right. I may be here a bit longer than the typical 8 hours I take for a rest stop. There are few unexplored systems along my path. The direct route...

Nullvektor / 11 May 3305
Fleet Requirements

The vessels in the fleet should serve a primary purpose. The specific purpose is irrelevant so long as one exists; ships should not be purchased simply to own them. Hangar space may not be a finite resource but there is little point to having over thirty ships strewn all over the cosmos. Hence, my...

Nullvektor / 11 May 3305
Formidine Excursion: P0

Aside from a quick jaunt to Guardian space, I really haven't had a good chance to take the Eostre out on any actual exploration missions. Now that there's a lull in operations and no major expeditions are on the horizon, I'm taking the time to head out to the Formidine Rift to do a little light surveying....

Nullvektor / 09 May 3305
I'm the punchline, so what's the joke?

I've got your bullshit. Literally. Got a nice message in my inbox as I was transiting Skeggiko O, inquiring if I would do some folks over in Bunda a favor. It seems as if a shipment of theirs went missing near me, and if I could deliver it to the Eravarenth Alliance I'd be handsomely rewarded....

Nullvektor / 08 May 3305
Steps towards completion

The MCRN doesn't employ slackers. I'm back in my temporary homestead of Shinrarta Dezhra after running my last batch of Courier Missions for those lazy asses in Ngalinn. I took my hard earned credits from the DW2 expedition and slipped into the bridge of my new Cutter, the MCRN Eostre., and set out for...

Nullvektor / 03 May 3305
I Hate It Here

Like any properly functioning machine, regular lubrication is essential for proper functioning. In the case of a corrupt empire, that lubrication is cold, hard cash. It's by this manner that I've found myself here, in Ngalinn, twenty thousand light years from my home in Colonia. Let's back up for a moment....

Nullvektor / 27 Apr 3305
Plans for the future

This return trip has given me the unique oppurtunity to start planning for my next expedition before I'm even on it. How efficient! Here's what I've gleaned as being necessary equipment from the DW2 expedition: Outside of mandatory upgrades to the FSD and weight-shaving exercises, here's what I used: -...
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Squadron info

Mobius in Colonia

Name: Mobius Colonial Republic Navy
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: McNicholl
    Members: 61
    Ships: 498
    Supporters: 51
    Squadron age: 756 days
    Headquarters: Mobia [Pedersen's Legacy]
    Minor faction: Mobius Colonial Republic Navy

    In coalition with: