Avarice3k7 / 14 Nov 3302
Alien crash site explored

After exploring the hidden research facility in __________(star system location ) my wing and i traveled to Hip 17403 using data shared from the pilot community that, once decoded provided a picture of the Hip 17403 system showing the moon of the 4th planet orbiting the native star as the location of...

Kinghavox / 02 Sep 3302
Engineering has its perks.....

Looks like I'll be grinding out with felicity for the longer range fsd range. Things at Robigo have gotten better and I am now allied. Problem is now the missions cargo amount now has me getting at least 2 jobs at a time. Through some nova elite help I have found out that the python can more than makes...

Kinghavox / 25 Aug 3302
The journey continues part 2.

I find myself heading back out to robigo. I have a bad tendency to not be able to wait when I know I can get the ship I want. Now that I have myself an anaconda I can focus on getting more money. It's going to be ALOT of traveling and between now and then I'm going to have to find all the resources needed...

Kinghavox / 22 Aug 3302
Journey milestone reached

After months of doing this and doing that I have finally reached a milestone. I finally have an Anaconda. Thank you Robigo Run. Now all I need to do is run into my mining hole and earn me some money. After that I need to get me an asp explorer again that way I can earn even more money. Is the trip long...

Kinghavox / 17 Aug 3302
My nitch

Ok so I find myself in a position of leadership again. Since I'm the only one who does mining in Nova Elite mainly the leaders have placed the Lead Miner on my shoulders. That's fine because there isn't much to mining, just getting people together on mining trips. Now that I think of it the systems...

Kinghavox / 12 Aug 3302
My next trip.

I'm planning on picking up my roots and moving to nova elites' home system and doing mining out that way.  Seems to be the best option considering we are, for now, aligned with hudson. I mean our mission goal is to beef up and maintain hudson's holdings and the only steady income I have is mining...

Squadron info

Name: Circle of Elite Pilots
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: CherryKraken
    Members: 9
    Ships: 86
    Supporters: 2
    Squadron age: 864 days

    In coalition with: