TheJamsie / 14 Oct 3305
Join ED Division of the Angels of Death @ www.clanaod.net

https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/aod-angels-of-death-multi-game-clan-with-over-3000-members-pve-bgs-in-game-faction-pvp-no-murder-griefing.507112/ The Angels of Death, based out of 40 Ceti at Pailes Enterprises, acts as an independent organization focused on the mutual prosperity of its members...

Haelnorr / 08 Sep 3305
Defeat will only make us stronger

The past week has seen eventful times. Two ongoing wars became three as the Angels of Death began a conflict to strengthen our grip on the system of Raksha. The resident faction still latches on to two of the four major stations, and the outcome of the war will determine who really is the dominant faction....

Haelnorr / 12 Aug 3305
Rumours of Mass Destruction

It's been some time since my encounter with a Thargoid ship, but it was an experience which has weighed on my conscience ever since. Not a day has gone by where I haven't thought about these strange creatures; I dedicated my formative years as a pilot to protecting society from the evil and the wicked,...

Haelnorr / 01 Aug 3305
The Unknown...

The news of the alien species known as the Thargoids being present in the galaxy is years old now. While I took a break from travelling the stars, rumours of these creatures landed on my ears. I had no interest in returning to the helm, and so rumours of dangerous foes beyond that of our own species...

Rellik Trashpanda / 06 May 3305
5000ly Cartographic/Palin Journey Part 2

I made it. I reached my destination 5100ly away, explored the surrounding systems, and have begun the long and arduous journey home. I'm about 1/3 the way back to the bubble and with any luck I should be able to complete the final leg of the trip tonight. On the trip out I found a few Earth like...

Rellik Trashpanda / 05 May 3305
5000ly Cartographic/Palin Journey

I have started the 5000ly journey into the unknown (to me) to unlock Professor Palin. I have chosen Bleia Dryiae QF-D B46-0 as my final destination. This was a completely random choice in hopes of venturing where few others have so far. A little over an hour and 1200ly into the journey, this is tedious...and...

Squadron info

Name: Angels of Death
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Lanius424
    Members: 78
    Ships: 819
    Supporters: 10
    Squadron age: 878 days
    Headquarters: 40 Ceti
    Minor faction: Angels of Death

    In coalition with: