Llamadonkey / 28 Jun 3303
CMDR'S LOG 30063303

30.06.3303 I jumped system, came across a station called beagle 2 landing, there were several bounty contracts available for me there, I found my taste for bloodshed to be quite profitable. After accumulating several bounty vouchers of assorted value, I took them back to beagle 2 landing and traded...

Llamadonkey / 28 Jun 3303
CMDR'S LOG 29063303

<29.06.3303> Flying through the wreckage of my first kill, I felt a bloodlust come over me, the rush, the thrill of the chase... I'd just killed another human being and I felt nothing, no remorse, no regret, nothing at all. The very idea of that should repulse me. Yet it doesn't. I feel it inside...

Llamadonkey / 28 Jun 3303
CMDR'S LOG 28063303#2

28.06.3303 I needed to make some credits, so I searched the stations bulletin board for contacts that needed cargo or data transported, I found 2 such offers of employment. One to source algae foodstuffs and bring it back, another to take data to the alius system, "great, I can hit 2 birds with...

Llamadonkey / 28 Jun 3303
CMDR'S LOG 28063303

<28.06.3303> These past few hours I've been trying to peice together what happened to me, I still have no definitive answer, but I am remembering small fragments.. I remember I was mining the asteroids when I got an unknown signal source ping from my radar. Figuring it for another miner, and...

Llamadonkey / 28 Jun 3303
CMDR'S LOG 27063303

<27.06.3303> Since waking up from my blackout, where that trader found me adrift in my sidewinder, I've been struggling to remember, well... anything really. I wonder what happened to me to be left floating, unconscious among the rocks.. Left for dead.. In a lifeless ship.. I've since found...

Squadron info

Name: Crossbone Vanguard
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Elite-CBV
    Members: 251
    Ships: 587
    Supporters: 17
    Squadron age: 728 days
    Headquarters: CD-63 1560 [Watanabe City]
    Minor faction: Crossbone Vanguard

    In coalition with: