Adrella / 09 Feb 3306
Commander Adrella//Endeavour//3306-02-08 - Back from the black

Well, it took a round trip of 10,000Ly, but Palin has nearly agreed to let me visit his base. He still wants a bunch of sensor fragments, so I'm not there yet, but I'm a lot closer than I was. So to speak, at least... The trip out was also fairly lucrative, bringing in nearly 60 million credits, and...

Adrella / 05 Feb 3306
Commander Adrella//Endeavour//3306-02-05 - Proving to Palin

I'd been contacted by Professor Palin some months ago with an offer to work on some of my systems, but first I'd need to prove myself. Travelling 5,000Ly from home is apparently some of the proof he needs, so I decided to take the Endeavour out on a relatively long jaunt. I decided to do some upgrades...

Adrella / 04 Feb 3306
Commander Adrella//Banno Station//3306-02-04 - Long overdue maintenance

After two months of near-constant travel and combat, I've finally had the time to dock the Artemis for an extended overhaul. I sent the deck crews away, deciding to complete the work myself for an extended stay. My focus was the control system - with the new flight stick and throttle control finally...

Martind Forlon / 03 Feb 3306

It were four very busy days spent mostly in combat zones of the HIP 98621 system in cockpit of my Anaconda Dark Queen. My trusty buddy Deborah had her personal pleasure to pilot her beloved guardian Trident, but she needed some relax as well. We therefore decided to visit local bar in newly acquired...

Adrella / 04 Jan 3306
Commander Adrella//Jaguar//3306-01-04 - Politics in HIP 98621

The political fighting in HIP 98621 hasn't let up. If anything, it's escalated, with commanders from both sides either running missions to further their side's political agendas, or trying to stop their rivals from running those missions. I've been lucky in the Jaguar - I've only been interdicted...

Adrella / 03 Jan 3306
Commander Adrella//Jaguar//3306-01-03 - HIP 98621

It's getting lively in HIP 98621. On entering the system, I was immediately interdicted by CMDR Nighthaw62. I submitted, but knew had little chance in my Viper to take on an Imperial Cutter. I high-waked out of the system, waited a while to see if he'd follow, then plotted an extended route back. I...

Adrella / 03 Jan 3306
Commander Adrella//Jaguar//3306-01-03 - Hitting the polls in HIP 98621

It's been quite a 24 hours in HIP 98621. Despite a valiant attempt by SJC supporters, we weren't able to clinch the victory yesterday, due to the determined resistance to our presence in the system. But that's hardly going to make us quit, so we're redoubling our efforts. After completing several...

Adrella / 03 Jan 3306
Commander Adrella//Majestic//3306-01-02 - Transporting passengers

Apparently, to support the SJC's rise in influence in HIP 98621, we need to be seen on a more local scale as 'helping'. So, Command asked us to shuttle local diplomats around. I understand the logic, I really do, but driving cruise liners is never a glorious job... But orders are orders, so I moved...

Adrella / 02 Jan 3306
Commander Adrella//Jaguar//3306-01-02 - The Battle for HIP 98621

After grabbing the Jaguar, I headed out into the black, moving to support the SJC's expansion into HIP 98621. I knew other commanders were opposing us at the main stations, so I left that to the larger Ghost Legion vessels, like wing member Hachiman and his Corvette, the Storm Bringer. I headed to...

Adrella / 02 Jan 3306
Commander Adrella//Greymouth//3306-01-02 - Completing the mining

After an extended trip home, I decided to complete my painite mining expedition. From the sounds of it, I'll need the cash - with the SJC's influence spreading into HIP 98621, another party, their wing and some freelancers have taken offence. As such, there's a bit of a war raging in that system,...
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Squadron info

Name: Ghost Legion
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCGhost Legion [GHST]
  • XBoxGhost Legion [GHST]

Squadron commander: Veyder
Members: 504
Ships: 4912
Supporters: 51
Squadron age: 1750 days

In coalition with: