Charlie Paulson / 15 Oct 3303
Looking back

Near-on a year since my last entry. Didn't have the words after the second battle of Peneng Wa, and sure as hell didn't have the inclination. I keep telling myself Lauren knew the risks, but try telling her parents she died for a good cause when you're on a corporation's payroll. First time I sat...

Charlie Paulson / 29 Nov 3302
To the galactic core: coming home

Wrangell City sure is a pretty sight after so long away from the bubble. Touched down a few hours ago; Lailani's team have just about finished offloading their equipment, and the refitters are coming round to bay 40 tomorrow to start the repairs and reinstall the taipan's hangar. Between Dr Faulkner's...

Charlie Paulson / 22 Nov 3302
To the galactic core: arriving at Sag A*

Looking at this thing makes me feel awful weird. I've been staring at it for hours whilst Dr Faulkner's team do their work. There's no up or down in space, but I feel like I'm falling towards it. I should write more, put over a sense of it, but I ain't no poet. Some things you just have to see for yourself....

Charlie Paulson / 18 Nov 3302
To the galactic core: halfway

Well, it's taken days, but we're closer to the core than we are to the bubble. Kindof amazing that with all these stars there ain't a new alien race every third hour. Kensi says the science team are still going on about physics and gravity and mass and... hell if I know what they're expecting to learn...

Charlie Paulson / 14 Nov 3302
To the galactic core: first steps

Never been much of an explorer, but some pay checks make a man think twice. Soon after I saw Ms Martuuk about the Hardrada's FSD, seems like word got around Wrangell City fast. Explorers seemed to like the idea of going places in a ship tougher than the standard explorer rig, given some of the dark tales...

Charlie Paulson / 13 Nov 3302
The hired help

<BEGIN AUDIO TRANSCRIPT> Things've been so busy here in Wrangell City I wholly forgot about this old journal. A lot's happened since... when did I last... MARCH?! Damn. Well lemme see here... aside from all the work on the ship - and hot damn has Elvira worked wonders on the FSD - I guess the...

Charlie Paulson / 01 Mar 3302
Where health & safety goes to die

Sometimes a man sets to planning a profitable venture. And sometimes, when he's set on that plan, ain't nothing gonna change his mind. Even if that means mining in pitch darkness amidst spinning rocks, because hell, I came all this way to mine some rocks, and what kind of a sissy waits for sun-up when...

Charlie Paulson / 23 Feb 3302
Joining PanGal

Turned up at Snoquot (still smirking at the name) and made myself useful. Between pirates in all the mining areas, errands to run, and materials to source, the PanGal rep sure kept me busy. Suddenly realised, after officially joining up with these people, I should probably go introduce myself to the...

Charlie Paulson / 22 Feb 3302
An offer I probably could've refused

During the Uibuth emancipation op, I got headhunted for a position in the Pan Galactic Mining Corporation by Commander Taylor Vauban. Met him a while back; he helped me rescue marked slaves from Kumo turf when I was flying Alliance colours. Back then the Alliance wouldn't take the slaves in, but Sirius...

Charlie Paulson / 21 Feb 3302
The one thing I said I'd never do...

Said I'd never get into the slave trade, no matter how much money's involved, but this is different. They're freeing any slaves who're shipped out to Uibuth. So far I've managed to get 1200 people out there - that's more than every anti-slavery raid I've made into Kumo turf combined. Feels weird; can't...

Squadron info

Name: Pan Galactic Mining Corp.
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Li Yong-Rui
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenBounty huntersFaction supportersMinersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCPan Galactic Mining Corp. [PGMC]

Squadron commander: Matzov
Members: 68
Ships: 419
Supporters: 19
Squadron age: 1574 days
Headquarters: Snoquot [Wrangell City]
Minor faction: Pan Galactic Mining Corp.
Supporting: Pan Galactic Mining Corp.

In coalition with: