CMDR DragonCrystal / 13 Feb 3305
The Start of Logging in my daily life.

Commanders Log: February 12, 3305. This is the diary log of Commander DragonCrystal, As I travel around through station to station, and planet to planet, my memories of when I first put my foot into my first Sidewinder began to slowly come back into my head as I slowly began to re-imagine the thrill,...

Phoebus / 04 Oct 3302
A CMDR's Thoughts: Expanding the Fleet

Well, quite a few updates since the last log entry I submitted. I settled on purchasing an Imperial Clipper as my general purpose ship whilst I am in the bubble. Normally, it would have been Moondancer, however, I feel as though refitting her constantly would be a burden to my wallet. As a plus, she...

Phoebus / 27 Sep 3302
A CMDR's Thoughts: The Return Trip Home

Well, we have finally returned to the bubble. The return trip definitely seemed a lot shorter than the trip heading out, not that I nor the crew mind in the slightest. While the wonders of the void will never cease to amaze, there is nothing like kicking back in a station knowing you are home. After...

Phoebus / 26 Sep 3302
CMDR's Thoughts: September 25th-26th, 3302

Whilst out in the void, I discovered that my current ship, Moondancer, actually had the capability to log my daily activities. After submitting some info, including my Pilot's Federation rankings and allegiances, I decided it would be best to start making personal logs in case anything were to ever happen....

Squadron info

Just your friendly MLP wing.

Name: Equestrian Naval Fleet
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERelaxed/casualOpenPrivate groupFaction supporters

In-game squadron name:
  • PCEquestrian Naval Fleet [PONY]

Squadron commander: Skyspark
Members: 39
Ships: 349
Supporters: 7
Squadron age: 936 days
Headquarters: V374 Pegasi [MacKellar Hub]
Minor faction: Equestrian Naval Fleet

In coalition with: