IAmTheRad / 16 Mar 3304
16 MAR 3304

It's still considered the 16th of March, 3304 here! Usually I start writing later when it goes over midnight galactic time, but of course I am still using my own timezone for my daily musings. It's weird when you look at your assets and see it hasn't really changed at all, even if you were out making...

IAmTheRad / 27 Feb 3304
27 FEB 3304

Why did I feel like entrying 3303? It's 3304, for crying out loud. Well, I already gave up my resolution, because it's been over a year since I last entered a log entry. I've been busy with other things that don't involve flying, but I did jump back into my cockpit today, and did a bit of flying. Of...

IAmTheRad / 18 Jan 3304
18 JAN 3304

Well, I already forgot my new years resolution of updating my log. But I didn't forget completely to update it. I got that rush again today. I decided to dust off the old Federal Assault Ship, and got behind the controls of it. I sat behind the controls, and took off, and flew off to a different system...

IAmTheRad / 02 Jan 3304
01 JAN 3304 - Happy New Year!

Oh, almost forgot to post this on the actual new year! It's still considered January 1st on the timescale I am on, but it's a little later based on the Galactic standard time. On the 2nd, but I'll just say that my own personal scale is what works for me, makes more sense to me. I haven't been flying...

IAmTheRad / 26 Dec 3303
26 DEC 3303 - Boxing Day

Well, I said I would update more frequently, and almost immediately I cancelled that. But it's more that I am being cautious. I mean I seem to have just appeared in another system, instead of having a good phase of travelling. But it's for a good cause, I swear. Anyways, I know I might be late for...

IAmTheRad / 15 Dec 3303
14 DEC 3303

Well, I did promise a update sooner. Of course, it's a different thing altogether with the different things that are going on. I did hear about the bases being attacked by Thargoids. It's a scary thought, I'd rather not get involved, so I am more staying on my own inside the bubble of civilized space....

IAmTheRad / 14 Dec 3303
13 DEC 3303

Whoa, my last long was quite a time ago. Over a year. I swear I've been making updates in my personal log, but I guess they just haven't gone through. This time I am making sure it's getting through, and will be posting what happened since my last log. Remember, I go with the old time of Galactic -6,...

Lothal Vanderheim / 20 Feb 3303
Ex A Log, Entry 06: The Core Road

Welp, it was nice here in the Colonia Sector, but time to continue my journey. My cute little Adder was stashed in Jacques' Station and I changed back in my fully overhauled Imperial Cutter. Now I'm launching back to stage 2: The road to the galactic core. Sagittarius Alpha is waiting. Luckily there...

Lothal Vanderheim / 15 Feb 3303
EX A Log, Entry 05: The Second Bubble

Finally I've made it to this tiny center of civilization far away from home. After docking at Jaques' Station, I immediately changed to a smaller, nimbler ship and took a closer look at this region of space. In the meantime, my Imperial Cutter is getting cleaned and repaired in preparation for the rest...

Lothal Vanderheim / 30 Oct 3302
EX A Log, Entry 04: SRV-Time

Slowly I'm getting closer to the end of the first stage of what I optimistically called "Expedition A" because I'm planning to survive it and do more later. Jacques' Station is still a couple thousand light years away, but every jump now brings me closer. The approaching end of "Expedition...
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Squadron info

Name: Diamond Frogs
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Kermit Laphroaig
    Members: 696
    Ships: 2080
    Supporters: 21
    Squadron age: 1575 days
    Headquarters: 63 G. Capricorni [Skvortsov Orbital]
    Minor faction: Diamond Frogs

    In coalition with: