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Rusynlancer / 07 Feb 3303
PROJECT SPOTTER: Briefing and Departure

06 FEB 3303

Project SPOTTER: Mission Statement

Primary Objective is to survey undocumented space in several key areas en route to Colonia in hopes of finding "preferable systems" for future colonization. Who settles where and why is not my business; Universal Cartographics will have new data and that's all that matters, personally. First area of interest is the Lagoon Nebula, with other areas to be decided after surveys are completed there.

A numeric goal is key to progress, as such I have decided to chart 100 systems in the Lagoon Nebula, at minimum with at least level 3 scans. Promising systems, with no less than 20% of the goal number, shall be surveyed with level 2 detailed scans, for greater clarity.

Departure Notes:

Departed Jones Dock, Caelottixa at approximately 1300 GMT, 06 FEB 3303. Arrived at the edge of the Lagoon Nebula at 2334 GMT, 06 FEB 3303. Proceeding immediately to survey for designated "preferable systems". I expect to be in this region for no less than two days to fulfill my objective, however this segment of the voyage may last upwards of one week.
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Squadron info

Shadow of the Phoenix is a freedom initiative; operating (cross-platform) as a Democracy and is a shining beacon of light to the galaxy.

Name: Shadow of the Phoenix
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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In-game squadron name:
  • XBoxShadow of the Phoenix [SOTP]
  • PCShadow of the Phoenix [SOTP]
  • PS4Shadow of the Phoenix [SOTP]

Squadron commander: Sirrus Tamus
Members: 81
Ships: 615
Supporters: 15
Squadron age: 649 days

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