Cornbread243 / 24 Nov 3303
Mapping Systems

HIP 34 HIP 34 A 1 - Gas Giant with Water Based Life Col 285 Sector BB-0 C6-10 Col 285 Sector AG-0 C6-18 Col 285 Sector CH-C B13-4 Pegasi Sector CV-Y C23 Pegasi Sector IW-W B1-0 Pegasi Sector FG-X B1-4 Pegasi Sector FG-X b1-4 ABC 1a Outpost -65.3410° 28.4891° 0.05G Pegasi Sector GG-X...

Squadron info

Name: The Patriarchs
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedOpenPrivate groupSoloBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PS4The Patriarchs [PCOG]
  • PCThe Patriarchs [PCOG]
  • XBoxThe Patriarchs [PCOG]

Squadron commander: Cornbread243
Members: 60
Ships: 241
Supporters: 11
Squadron age: 565 days

In coalition with: