Kundalini / 27 Dec 3305
terror couple kill colonel

Breaking News "terror couple kill colonel" The Bureau of Kuwair Justice Party just announced that a top ranked colonel of his organization has been murdered in a vile ambush in the vicinity of Velho Installation outpost. In all likelyhood the reckless attack has been perpetrated by the Cosmic...

Kundalini / 09 Nov 3305
meeting with CMDR Validating

NORMA EXPANSE - somewhere in the unknown Next waypoint is a class O star CMDR - I think we have finished exploring the current star system, engage the procedure for the hyperdrive, standard protocol. roger CMDR Jumping to star systems is never  a routine while exploring, you always have that...

Kundalini / 08 Nov 3302

chapitre 1 : REBIRTH Le mort vivant CMDR Kundalini se tient devant son nouveau vaisseau arrimé à Trevithick Dock dans le système LHS 3447.  Comme il l'a toujours pratiqué, il en fait le tour pour vérifier de visu l'état des composants principaux, il s'installe ensuite dans le cockpit, le parcours...

Kundalini / 15 Oct 3302
The dissident lament

Aiming Heart and Soul Nebula. Through the blue bubble to the edge of Perseus Arm. Exploring the unknown, gazing the infinite diversity, the Formidine Rift is the limit. Voices of civil war, a few braves went in the brawl. Enemies hidden actions, Allies taking the decisive strike. Fallen empress,...

Squadron info

[Political] We are everywhere around you ! We are a submersive horde ! We pledge allegience to the Alliance to undermine The Federation and The Empire. We are building on Anarchy and Democracy to undermine Dictatorship and Feudal. Beware, a vessel of The Cosmic Snake Brotherhood may soon be behind you.

Name: Baby Snakes [BBSNX]
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent
Language: French
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Kundalini
    Members: 1
    Ships: 28
    Supporters: 0
    Squadron age: 816 days