Raumfahrer Spiff / 10 Apr 3305
Archive--April 3305--A word from EICo's new CEO

From the office of the CEO, East India Company: I am as honored to accept the board's recommendation as I am saddened to be succeeding my missing mentor and long-time friend Jahena Yar Savor. When I started at this Company, with the weight of being a long-distant descendant of our great Company's...

Raumfahrer Spiff / 24 Mar 3305
CMDR’s Log—Feb 3305–Playing fast and loose

Feb 3305, GR 316 System, Sucharitkul Settlment By the time the Spec ops decide to jump in, the battle had kind of spread out quite a bit--there were two main pockets of fighting. The large ships of my allies, a few Cutters and Clippers, were all grouped together and had drifted away from the CZ center—leaving...

Raumfahrer Spiff / 13 Feb 3305
--CMDR's Log--13 Jan 3305--In Memoriam: Prince Hendriks--

War is never kind or generous. Even to the warriors. That does not mean we never crave to bask in the chaos and carnage of battle. It does not mean that we never find levity in the camaraderie of battlefield brethren. But war is always hell, and never fair.   Again, I did my duty for the Emperor without...

Raumfahrer Spiff / 18 Nov 3304
Archive--May 3304--EIC Acquires Federal Capital Ship Dry-Dock

After months of preparation and several focused economic and military operations, the East India Company has appropriated a Federal Capital ship dry-dock. Located just outside Still Hangar in Neits system, this former Pride of the Federal Navy sits silent in the dry-dock, awaiting determination by...

Raumfahrer Spiff / 18 Nov 3304
Archive--May 3304--EIC helps over 1,000 CMDRs unlock Engineers

From the desk of Jahena Yar Savor: The East India Company has always been a leader in Galactic trade. From our distant, humble roots on mother Earth, to our growing and thriving Sector on the Federal border of Imperial space, what we do is trade. Sourcing the greatest good to win the highest profit...

Raumfahrer Spiff / 13 Nov 3304

I have a story I have to confess: I was just at Robigo, turning in the last passenger manifest of my engi-mat grind and ended up kind of racing a Python to the station in SC, knowing that whoever got there first wouldn't have to wait outside like a dink. I pulled a couple tricks and dropped seconds before...

Valkyrie Veil / 20 Oct 3304
Hallowed Ground

It wasn’t too long ago when I called this place home. Just a few months ago I’d spend every second of free time coming in and out of that mail slot, assisting Noirceur and trying to make our little corner of space important. Just trying to leave a mark for myself. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I want...

Valkyrie Veil / 10 Sep 3304
Omega Sector

LOG DATE: 04:12, 10th of September, 3304. 5500 lightyears is a long way to travel just to escape your problems. I’ve always preferred running over fighting, it’s just my nature. Out here, there’s nothing to bother me. No tedious relations, rivalries or fights. Nothing to distract me. No one left...

Leytra / 06 Sep 3304
Leytra's Expedition Log - 04 Attacked!

Logbook Entry: Stardate: 981682.4953197733 Lundwall City, LTT 1349 The Gnosis was attacked by Thargoids, Eagle Eye had us warned of that. But the sheer amount of ships, we couldn't fight that away, while some people lured the main force away, there are still ships surrounding it, atleast there...

Leytra / 31 Aug 3304
Leytra's Expedition Log - 02 a short interlude

Logbook Entry: Stardate: 981665.8889900832 Various different bits of space So, with the news of these new thargoids possibly being based where the Gnosis is about to jump, I found myself a good bit concerned by that. Now this beluga is a luxurious thing, nice and comfortable, she sure as hell...
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Squadron info

Name: East India Company
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPCQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualOpenAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPiratesTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCEast India Company [EICO]
  • XBoxEast India Company [EICO]
  • PS4East India Company [EICO]

Squadron commander: Icarus Smith
Members: 259
Ships: 2298
Supporters: 36
Squadron age: 1560 days
Headquarters: Kappa Fornacis [Harvestport]
Minor faction: East India Company

In coalition with: