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Malachi V / 08 Sep 3304
No Place Like Home

Well... All I can say is that I’m sure happy to be back home.

The last few days included some of my hairiest, far-flung adventures that I’ve lived through. I visited a Guardian site and deciphered a few of its secrets while fighting off ancient sentinels. I traveled over two thousand light years via neutron boosting and Guardian technology. With my wife at my side I hitched a last minute ride on The Gnosis mega ship, only to have it be attacked, necessitating a wild evacuation back to the bubble.

Oh... and I finally came face-to-heart with the Thargoids. From a distance, that is, but that was plenty close enough for me. That I won’t forget anytime soon.

The Gnosis fiasco has left a bad taste in my mouth. Could this have been prevented? Who should be held responsible for the loss of life and property? Who will be held accountable for making the decision to move forward with the jump in the face of overwhelming support of Thargoids at the proposed destination? I doubt I’ll receive any answers to these and other questions, and it’s left me a bit bitter and wary of more risky adventure.

Which is why I’ve decided to take a small break from further wild escapades. I’m letting my Yong-Rui enlistment expire, after which I’ll make a clean, diplomatic break from the organization. Until that time, I’m going to stick to simple, safe courier and passenger missions. And that’s when I’m on the job; I really don’t have to work too much, not with the funds I managed to earn and save.

I need to spend more time with my family, and with my long-suffering wife. I’ll make a visit to my parents and sister on Founders World, and then I’ll take my wife to see one the many wonders in the Milky Way. Maybe Black Treasure, or Sagittarius*A. Hell, we just might make it all the way to Colonia... doesn’t matter where, as long as my wife is with me.

This might be the last log entry I make in a while. Until then, may fortune favor my travels.
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