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Malachi V / 04 Oct 3304
No Eyes

Okay... I think... uhm... God, it’s still hard to...

...yeah, yeah babe. That’s a good idea. I’ll do that.

Okay, so I guess I’ll pick up from my last entry... oh, well, not that one. I forgot about that entry... if you can call it that. I was still... trying to wrap my mind around... well... I’ll get there eventually.

So, from my last real entry: I stayed true to my word, sticking to more low profile missions that kept me closer to home. The wifey and my family really appreciated it, and we even took the time to go on a bit of sightseeing together.

One of those stops was the Jameson crash site. Wow, talk about such a solemn place. He was our true predecessor, the originally legendary pilot that all other pilots aspire to become, myself included. Rest In peace, CMDR Jameson. And may those INRA bastards rot in hell for what they did to you.

From there we went over to HIP 16613, to the so-called Bug Killer crash site that several fellow pilots have told me about. They had warned me about possible chance encounters with Thargoids over there, but I just didn’t really think... I mean, I wasn’t expecting... I...

...yeah babe, this is hard for me too...

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a Thargoid. When we fled from The Gnosis we caught sight of several of them, but they were far off and busy engaging security forces. The ones we saw at the crash site... Christ, I still get the chills just thinking about it. It was so enormous, so alien... none of my systems could make sense of any type of scanning that I did. Just their presence alone was causing havoc to the subsystems.

And then... they scanned us.

...Shit, I feel like throwing up. You couldn’t help but just get the unnerving sense that to them, we’re the bugs... little notes that they could care less for. We completely insignificant in their eyes. Metaphorically speaking; I couldn’t make out any eyes that I could see. That just made facing them even more unnerving.

I understand now the alien threat that we face. I know that my opinion of INRA and their actions is not very high; the things they did to win the war against the Thargoids amounted to the genocide of a whole species.

But that was before I came face-to-face with the threat. Given the choice, I truly believe they would wipe us out if they chose. We’re nothing to them; I felt that as they scanned the ship that held me and my wife. We less than dust to them.

That experience really left us shook, but it also gave us a clear direction to follow. We’ve been talking about this all the way back, and... it’s time we did our part. It’s time we get back into the game.

I’ve reached out to a few of my colleagues, and I’ve decided to join up with the OOC, and wing of like-minded independent pilots that support each other. A number of them are even Thargoid-hunting veterans; their experience and advice will come in handy. I’m also working on engineering and repurposing my Challenger for Thargoid hunting, after which I’ll sign up with the Anti-Xenia Initiative and begin helping out on combating this threat. My wife plans to follow me, bringing her nursing efforts to support Operation IDA away from the front lines.

I’ll be damned if I let those eyeless bastards run us over. This one’s for you, Jameson.
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The OOC is a combined force of commanders originating from every corner of the human bubble, striving to maintain peace and security among the outer colonies. We aim to liberate these forgotten systems in our fight for independence. Though officially independent, all commanders from any allegiance and playstyle are welcome to join.

Name: Outer Rim Outcast Coalition
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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  • PCOuter Rim Outcast Coalition [OROC]
  • XBoxOuter Rim Outcast Coalition [OROC]
  • PS4Outer Rim Outcast Coalition [OROC]

Squadron commander: Dar
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Ships: 2480
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Squadron age: 777 days

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