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Malachi V / 24 Oct 3304
A Growing Family

Sometimes the best laid plans come with unexpected... surprises.

My dedication to taking the Thargoid battle in earnest continues unabated: I continue to engage the Thargoid scouts wherever I find them . And I'm still in the processing of engineering my fleet, especially the anti-xeno builds. It’s these two complimenting endeavors which led me to the logical but unanticipated ownership of a new ship.

Three new ships, in fact.

The first of these new additions is a second Python dubbed the Black Orchid Express. It’s a cool-running, shieldless stealth transport dedicated to running VIP tours to Sirius Atmospherics and permanently based out of Robigio. That frees up my original Python, the Blue Orchid VI, for community goal-based missions, should I choose to participate. Even better, those tour jobs are quite lucrative, both in credits and in engineering materials.

The second purchase is for a Type-9, named the Midnight Ficus, to be used as a dedicated miner in place of my Corvette Navy Primrose. In this role it really surpasses its predecessor: it has almost double the cargo capacity, and its full complaint of mining lasers make short work of asteroids. It’s not without its down sides: it’s the slowest, least agile ship in my fleet, and it has zero offensive capabilities. Still, as a miner it performs admirably.

It also allows me to repurpose my Corvette for what it was truly meant for: heavy combat. Outfitted with heavy armor, massive shields, and enough weaponry to take on an armada single-handedly. This allows me to visit highly dangerous hazardous resource sites and fearlessly wade into the fray. The pirates and criminals that roam those spaces have learned to fear the sight of this blue beast, and the engineering materials recovered from the salvage of their broken ships has been invaluable.

And then there's my Beluga Liner Sapphire Dahlia II, probably the most important new ship added to my fleet. It replaces the original Sapphire Dahlia in its role as my large, long-cruise VIP transport. Just as defenseless as my Type-9, the Beluga’s surprising nimbleness and speed (for a ship of its size) more than makes up for that. And then there’s the opulent luxury unmatched by any ship not coming out of Saud Kruger.

So what’s the big deal of a fancy, oversized liner? The big deal is not the ship itself, but what it allows me to do.

The Anaconda that used to serve the same role has now be rebranded the Ultramarine Sundew. Not only does it have a new name, it has a new purpose: to be my ultimate Thargoid combatant. The flimsy shields and lightweight hull have been replaced with reinforced bi-weaves and deep plated military armor. That baby can take quite the beating, especially the kind those alien bastards are capable of delivering.

All it needs is some anti-alien teeth, and that’s where I find myself short... for now. That will be rectified soon enough, but for now I have to finish my custom modifications.

Soon, my Sundew. Soon.
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