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Weber134 / 02 Sep 3305
Entry 1

Been told I should start a log, something to help put all the confusion in order and see if it helps.

not really sure what to put but maybe if I tell me story up to the this point I'll find some order in whats been going on with me, which for the record is, sitting in Buffett Gateway waiting on a refuel and take off window.

My Name is Weber134, I don't typically use my first name anymore thats reserved for people that actually know me, freinds, family and the like.  134 is just my cadet number from before I got my wings and left home.
Home by the way is Sol, or at least it used to be. I was born there with my brother, and the rest of my family. We moved to Trevithick Dock in LHS 3447 when I was 15, all I wanted to do at that point was leave.
I hated the constant wurring of machinery and the nausiating smell of fuel and grease that seemed to permiate all areas of the station, although it wasn't all bad. We were settleed there as my father had to follow his work, he was an engineer and the station needed more, and more hands to keep up with the expansion it seemed like everyday there where more and more ships coming and going from the staion.

I eventually found work at a small store, it wasnt much but it keep me busy while I waited to enlist in the cadets, and once I turned 18 that was it I'd made my mind up and I was leaving.

Thats all for now. I might update with the next part of my story soon, I've had to keep it short as my window to leave is coming.

Do you like it?

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03 Sep 3305
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02 Sep 3305
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