Antwan1357 / 10 Dec 3305
The Plague

As I'm looking back upon my notes. I'm concerned a great deal about this previous Blight that effected crop yields for nearly a month . The Plague afterwards shorter on the timescale still was more emphasised by the lack of nutrition going on when it did. It all started in Pardian , a small station named...

Antwan1357 / 01 Dec 3305
Defending a Unique Historical Alliance Li Yong Rui Discount

An odd choice of words , don't you think? Li Yong Rui Discounts on Alliance ships , and only one Station in the entire galaxy has it. Kuhn Station in WOLF-186. No place in the galaxy sells for cheaper than our deals. Shop smart , shop 160 SOAR MART. It is a one of a kind place in the galaxy people. Please...

Antwan1357 / 16 Nov 3305
Return of the Fleet

It is easy to imagine oneself being alone in the galaxy , but then you turn your intergalactic discord channel on , and realise that the 160TH FLEET Is very much active . As they pursue pirates , I select some background music for our players. Knowing not to play educational science like last time. I...

Antwan1357 / 15 Nov 3305
A mysterious interloper

A mysterious profiteer freelancer ship has been giving me endless headaches. Non-stop looking for the highest paying factions in our star systems. Taking missions from the highest bidder factions jockey for power in bidding for this pilot , and the disruption in influence causes power to fluctuate wildly...

Antwan1357 / 08 Nov 3305
Long Hours Grinding BGS

Jumped to all our star systems using my max jump Diamondback Explorer. That little ship is wonderful. Does so much in such a small amount of time got that thing stripped down bare bones for simple INARA updating our entire star systems .. Went back into the Captial where my fleet is parked , jumped out...

Antwan1357 / 07 Nov 3305
Hard Knocks , and Hard times , with the Blight.

Life for the economy has taken a hard hit with the Blight here in Wolf-186 , once , and still is the cheapest place in the galaxy to buy Alliance ships in the entire galaxy that is a guaranteed fact , but times are hard. Despite giving the very best deal in the galaxy. Wolf-186 struggles to make shipyard...

Antwan1357 / 26 Oct 3305
Consumating Power over Ross 345

After our Peaceful Elections in Bestia with our Homeland brothers "Beasts of Bestia" , our focus pushing for consummation of power over Ross 345 began we had already taken the planet using it as a staging ground to take over the Large space station in that star system. This was done so quickly...

Antwan1357 / 12 Aug 3305
A Bestia "Motherland"

A third party named "Beasts of Bestia" has moved into Bestia to return to the "Motherland" and two other player based factions consider this the "Motherland " also , German based Karamello , 160 160th SOAR , based upon American origins and Beasts of Bestia based upon Czech...

Antwan1357 / 20 Jun 3305
Liberating Wolf 152

A total victory directly led by our warrior leader President-elect Kitty. The former lawless system has been tamed. Colonists are inbound looking for new homes. A land of opportunity awaits our families and loved ones as we reach out into the stars. This was the first war that I did not participate in...

Antwan1357 / 23 May 3305
Peaceful elections in Bestia

Currently a faction we have a lot of respect for we are holding elections with in order to determine which faction will take control of Bestia. Even though Karamello has it's origins here our player faction existed here long before they existed. So we have two player factions who claim this as home territory....
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Squadron info

We are 160 SOAR. A PvP and PvE friendly Alliance Faction. We specialize in both BGS and PVP activities. Bounty hunting, Mercenary work, even Piracy. As long as it's fun and makes Cr. it's on the table. Join us Today if you're interested in a fun group of Free thinking players.

Name: 160th S.O.A.R.
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: -05:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

PvEPvPRelaxed/casualOpenBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersPiratesTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PC160 S.O.A.R. [SOAR]

Squadron commander: Captain Kitty
Members: 10
Ships: 66
Supporters: 3
Squadron age: 1507 days

In coalition with: