Antwan1357 / 12 Aug 3305
A Bestia "Motherland"

A third party named "Beasts of Bestia" has moved into Bestia to return to the "Motherland" and two other player based factions consider this the "Motherland " also , German based Karamello , 160 160th SOAR , based upon American origins and Beasts of Bestia based upon Czech...

Antwan1357 / 20 Jun 3305
Liberating Wolf 152

A total victory directly led by our warrior leader President-elect Kitty. The former lawless system has been tamed. Colonists are inbound looking for new homes. A land of opportunity awaits our families and loved ones as we reach out into the stars. This was the first war that I did not participate in...

Antwan1357 / 23 May 3305
Peaceful elections in Bestia

Currently a faction we have a lot of respect for we are holding elections with in order to determine which faction will take control of Bestia. Even though Karamello has it's origins here our player faction existed here long before they existed. So we have two player factions who claim this as home territory....

Antwan1357 / 30 Mar 3305
War Crimes

After the Pirate blockade was dispersed. A very good bounty hunter who wished to be anonymous , gave me some very valuable information. As I sat down to look at the packet's contents I realized that this was one of our own fleet ships. A anaconda security vessel was taking bribes. That is how the blockade...

Antwan1357 / 29 Mar 3305
Blockade dispersed

We have expanded one more time into another tiny seemingly nameless system . Our families are grateful the opportunities afforded us. Recently pirates attacked several systems. Blockading two planets demanding fees to allow ships through. I was sent to oversee part of the blockade breakup. Hired many...

Antwan1357 / 03 Mar 3305
The Peace Treaty of Segon

Our Faction has known of a player faction ASTROBIOLOGY RESEARCH INITIATIVE for quite some time. Our two factions though have worked out an agreement of mutual benefit. We will retreat from supporting our faction in the home system of them , and they will retreat from our territory in Guitaiku. I had...

Antwan1357 / 15 Feb 3305
WOLF 186

Our faction " 160 S.O.A.R. " expanded into system " Wolf 186 " . As far as I can tell we have no competition in the area. My main mission for " Mr Li Yong-Rui " is to get this faction " 160 S.O.A.R. " into a shipyard to start manufacturing discounted Alliance...

Antwan1357 / 23 Jan 3305
Nearly over the war , and and a peaceful election.

Now leading a war has its merits , but Sometimes you lose focus of the objective one seeming pointless battle leads into another 2 the cycle a repeating pattern of violence in the galaxy's supposedly civilized society. Then , Then a turn of events suprise you and someone else has a election. FINALLY...

Antwan1357 / 17 Jan 3305
Entrenched warfare

We have finally turned things around in Guitaiku grinding missions for the 160th Fleet I've received a battlefield promotion on the front lines. Our allies in the system have been able to fight harder now that we are bringing in supplies to feed and supply the " Special .Operations. Astronaut ....

Antwan1357 / 08 Jan 3305
Sussche consolidating power

Pushing for greater control over Sussche ,but also noticed something that surprised me very much .Someone's powerplay farming is putting over 4,000 in preparation units into Furuhjelm 111-674? This has happened before , also someone is not happy either and I could see someone undermining the powerplay....
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Squadron info

Name: 160th S.O.A.R.
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: -05:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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In-game squadron name:
  • PC160 S.O.A.R. [SOAR]

Squadron commander: Captain Kitty
Members: 6
Ships: 12
Supporters: 1
Squadron age: 1394 days

In coalition with: