CorvusCoraxNevermore / 02 Mar 3305

Exploration Notes: 1. After approximately 25% of the circumnavigation of planet HYPISC QT-Z D13-6 A 1 A, Dinah-Moe received an automated communication from Frunobulax. 2. The message Frunobulax sent contained obvious navigation data that must be looked into, and sounds that were not recognized. They...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 27 Feb 3305
33050226 - STARTING MY "ROUND-THE-PLANET-OID" OF Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a

Exploration Notes: 1. Galactic time 2:47:30 the circumnavigation of Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a has begun. 2. Starting SRV Distance from the Cmdr. Stats page is 6.53MM. Image capture located on the Gallery frequency page. 3. Bearing selected to follow is 180. 4. Starting to pick up the signal of what...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 26 Feb 3305
33050225 - SRV Driving All The Way Around Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a - A Little Wobbly Planet-oid

Exploration Notes: 1. Landed on Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a, a small metal rich planet-oid with a radius of 237.89km, or approximately a 1,493.9492km circumference. Stats below. 2. Decided to drive around it, I mean really All-Round-It. 1,493.9492km worth of SRV fun in 0.09G. It's such a low gravity planet-oid...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 24 Feb 3305

Exploration Update: 1. Running the Captain's Log software along with EDDiscovery. PLenty of information to manage exploration decisions. Very much like the Captain's Log overlay on my HUD. 2. Course set. FSD engaging. General Notes: 1. Was able to find the frequency for Cmdr. Rusty Dog's deep space...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 23 Feb 3305

Exploration Update: 1. This entry is a continuation for date 33050223. General Notes: 1. Standard exploration today. 2. General AI will be supremely more powerful than Sargent AI, just saying. 3. Must find out about the Anaconda's magical, mystical, metallurgy. Note to self Ask Paul and Ringo,...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 23 Feb 3305

General Notes: 1. Following the mission profile to search and scan terraformable planets. 2. Scan log for the last month - total highlights: Ammonia: 11 Earth-Like: 5 Water: 90 The totals for scanned Terraformable worlds is not captured by the current version of scan system...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 22 Feb 3305
33050221 - Whispers and Why?

Exploration Update: General Notes: 1. Was able to get some flight time on the bridge of Frunobulax this evening. Exploration Notes: 1. I am amazed by how Cmdrs. scan only WWs, ELWs, AWs and leave 3 Terraformable HMC worlds with an estimated 600K for the scan and 50% for the first discovery....

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 17 Feb 3305
33050217 - Cmdr. Rusty Dog's Video Communication, Mission Targets, and Systems Status

Exploration update. General Notes: 1. Sent the night on Spaido OC-D d12-4 A 3. A little rock with not much to see. 2. Woke up this morning to find that Cmdr. Rusty Dog was transmitting real time video over the deep space communication network. He, and thousands, are on the Distant Worlds 2 (DW2)...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 17 Feb 3305
33050216 - Sanguineous Rim, Terraformables, Stats, and Maintenance

Back in the cockpit after a week's worth of other work. Mission Background Notes: 1. The Pilot's Federation sent the mission brief on 13 January, 3305. I was running missions pocketing as many credits as possible for a Faulcon deLacy Krait Phantom fitted for exploration. The mission details were...

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 10 Feb 3305
33050210 - Ice Cube, Wobble, Tweak, Tunes, and Hot Chocolate

Just landed. Weather report for Spaidau ZI-G c24-0 A 1: 109K / -166C, with a real chance of freezing my butt off. Gravity here is 0.07G, 0.00298 Earth masses, which means that I have to be careful with my hot chocolate this evening. Note to self: Adjust the magnetic coupler in my left boot. As...
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Squadron info

Disillusioned with the ideologies of the Federation and Empire, and believing the Alliance to be entirely incompetent, a small group of independent pilots banded together in an effort to bring stability and common sense back to their system. Now under the guidance of what they call the “PLOID” (Present Leader of Independent Dictatorship), they seek to bring a sense of zen to systems they inhabit. Real talk: We're an open group that just likes to hang out and fly together.

Name: Seekers of Zen
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Paroxsym
    Members: 79
    Ships: 1183
    Supporters: 40
    Squadron age: 389 days
    Headquarters: Hilla
    Minor faction: PLOID

    In coalition with: